These days footage of trucks with howitzers-cannons and corresponding grenades on the streets of Bijelo Polje are circulating on social networks. The cannons covered with tarpaulins were on the trucks are with Belgrade license plate.

Aleksandar Saranovic was promptly removed from the position of Head of the Security Sector Intelligence as he refused to the sign the transport of heavy weapons through the territory of Montenegro, whose final destination is suspicious and there are indications that it is intended for states or organizations with which the arms trade is prohibited.

We remind You that last year, Serbia was in the center of a scandal over arms exports, which led to the disruption of diplomatic relations with Azerbaijan. Diplomatic relations between Serbia and Azerbaijan were shaken on July 19th 2020, when the internet portal published claims that Serbian-made mortars, as well as ammunition for them, were delivered to Armenia via Georgia, and then used in deadly conflicts on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border on July 12th, 2020.

Source: Vikend Novine (Weekend Newspapers)

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