Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga

WESTERN BALKANS AT A CROSSROADS (II): Montenegro and BiH – the nineties in a new light! Source:, September 6, 2020

“Throughout the past week, there has been a lot of talk in the regional media about going back to the 1990s, all in the context of the recent elections in Montenegro, the outcome of which could apparently be a new parliamentary majority consisting of those political parties they openly advocate the rapprochement of Montenegro with Serbia, i.e. Russia, all under the watchful eye of the Serbian Orthodox Church and the local Metropolitan Amfilohije Radović.

The iconography and incidents that accompanied the post-election celebrations of the opposition really aroused the fears and anxieties of many in the 1990s. However, several political tendencies and several of their actors and in a way prompted me to think once again about those parallels with the 1990s and everything that they reflect today”, writes Global CIR.

The Democratic Front and the Serbian Orthodox Church are increasingly declaring the Chetniks as their ideology, Source:, October 24, 2020

“It should never be forgotten that the Democratic Front, and then especially the Serbian Orthodox Church as the spiritus movens and spiritus mentor of the victorious coalitions, are increasingly declaring that the Chetniks are their ideology. And the Chetniks in the Second World War, as well as today’s Chetniks in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, have an immanent hatred towards all the surrounding nations. Chetnikism is a form of fascism and it has an immanent desire to deal with others, even with criminal acts, whenever and wherever it is given the opportunity”, stated Milenko Perovic, President of Montenegro PEN Center.

Due to pedophilia before the court in London, the WHOLE SERBIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH, and more lawsuits are being prepared, Source:, January 23, 2019.

Litigation proceedings have begun before the High Court in London against the Serbian Orthodox Church due to sexual violence by priests. The priests were not sued individually, but the lawsuit was sent to the entire Serbian Orthodox Church, whose lewd priests are the representatives. Six prosecutors come from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. All lawsuits have been filed in connection with sexual violence and pedophilia, including accusations for murder of Milić Blažanović (who was allegedly abused by Serbian ex Archbishop Kačavenda.

Kacavenda had a priest who pimped him young boys?! – Source: Portal Analitika, April 20, 2020.

The Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church has plenty of very concrete evidence for sanctioning Bishop Vasilije, however, it does not take any action. Among the material are photographs, audio and video recordings, but also 40 testimonies of young men – theologians and priests about the bishop’s sexual life, but also coercion. It is not possible to determine exactly how many audio and video recordings were made during Kacavenda’s contacts with the young men, as well as since when he has been practicing illegal activities as a monk, cites Portal Analitika one of the articles from Serbian daily Blic.

Blic already had an insight into the video in which Kačavenda is in an embrace and kissing a young man, and this material, as well as the video of the bishop on the bed with the young man, is owned by several citizens of Bijeljina. The audio recording that was heard in the Patriarchate, and which is part of the collection owned by the Church, shows a dialogue between one of the bishop’s priests and a young man.

TERRIBLE CONFESSION: Kachavenda is a monster! – Source:, November 18, 2015.

“Bishop Kacavenda raped the boys in the monastery. He tried to rape me every day. It was in vain to report the case to the police because they are the bishop’s guests every day. The raped boy Milic Blazanovic could not stand it and killed himself with a bomb,” – confessions for TV Prva Bojan Jovanović, father Serafim. “Kačavenda raped a boy, Milić Blažanović, when he invited him to the monastery because he did not have the money to go to school, promising him to continue his education later,” said Father Serafim. According to the official version, the boy blew himself up in 1999 in his room in the dormitory of the Papraća monastery.

Seraphim said that when they came to the Papraća monastery, Father Bratislav Marković aimed an automatic rifle at him and the bishop, saying: “I will kill you all fagots”! According to Father Seraphim, parts of the body of a child who was blown up by a bomb due to, as he said, the rape of Bishop Kačavenda rest in the gate of the Papraća monastery.

Jovanovic says that when he found out what the bishop was doing, he “became the target of a paid killer”. According to Father Seraphim, the first time Bishop Kacavenda tried to rape him was in shock. “He told me to take off my clothes to see how I was built. At that moment I was very disappointed. It was a shock, I didn’t know how to react. I said there was no need for that. He started touching me and grabbing me trying to kisses “, said Jovanović, adding that it happened almost every day, and that he could not address anyone in the Serbian Orthodox Church out of fear.

According to Father Seraphim, one evening, several homosexual couples gathered at the bishop’s court and were told not to leave the room. “I went down to the kitchen and took the knife. I said to myself, now if they come to rape me I will defend myself. I spent that night in fear. I heard footsteps, then someone knocked on the door. Then Kacavenda came in, asked me why I didn’t go down and I was intimate with them “, says Jovanović. As he says, there were more attempted rapes.

“One day the bishop was sitting on an armchair and I was on the couch. Then he jumped on me and started tearing my buttons and tearing my shirt. He started grabbing my leg, genitals and chest,” claims Father Sefarim.

Jovanovic claims that he told Kacevenda to stop abusing him, saying that he would find a woman to serve him, and he replied that “women are dirty, and that only male children are for him, the best are 10-11 years old”.

He claims that the bishop set aside 30,000 marks (15,000 EUR) for him as a religious teacher, and led him to select children without parents and give them money, as help from the Serbian Orthodox Church, and then bring them to him “to choose who are for him and his group.”

How did Kachavenda become a millionaire? – Source:, Published on September 14, 2014

“The only man who didn’t give him up because of porn movies, i.e. affairs, is me,” is how the stripper from Novi Sad, Dejan Nestorović, describes his relationship with Kačavenda. According to the recent writings of some media, Kačavenda marked Nestorović in his will as the successor of his wealth worth several million euros.

The case of retired Bishop Vasilije Kačavenda, known for the scandal due to gay porn, opened the door to the rich and luxurious lives of “God’s servants”. Kacavenda is known as one of the richest representatives of the God of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

– My bishop is a millionaire, he makes direct money with bank accounts in EU countries, the Netherlands, Greece… For days he told me about millions of euros in foreign banks that he acquired through various business variants during the war (oil, forest, coffee, cigars, giving money on interest, by issuing land). His church position enabled him to get rich, but also to build 217 magnificent churches and two golden buildings in BiH. I want to mention that the wealth he has is not from the people, but from collecting interest and dividends. He is still building on “Five Lakes”, and the only man who did not give him up because of porn movies, that is, I am an affair, Dejan Nestorović, a stripper from Novi Sad said for Serbian daily “Alo!”.

According to unofficial estimates, Kacavenda is worth more than seven million euros, and the exact value of his wealth is unknown, because the revenues of the Serbian Orthodox Church, which received hundreds of millions of dinars a year from the Serbian budget, keep the dignitaries a top secret.

Kacavenda is best known for the luxury castle he built in Bijeljina, which is also called “Serbian Versailles”. As the media previously wrote, the building is surrounded by a camera, equipped with a gym and jacuzzi and decorated with objects of great fidelity, of which only one mirror costs 20,000 euros!

Why are politicians afraid to send a financial inspection to the Serbian Orthodox Church and other “temples of God”? – questions Serbian daily “”.

Bosnian Serb Bishop Faces Sex Abuse Charges – Source:, April 19, 2013.

Two Serbian Orthodox priests plan to sue Bishop Kacavenda of Tuzla and Zvornik for sexually abusing them, their lawyer said. The story erupted when the Serbian daily Blic said it had seen pornographic videos in which Bishop Kacavenda was allegedly involved in sexual acts with several young men.

Last week police arrested a priest named Nikolaj Stamatovic near Bijeljina, the seat of the diocese, in what was a case related to the Kacavenda allegations. The arrested priest, along with another young man, allegedly tried to sell a highly compromising video featuring the Bishop for 100,000 euro to Bojan Jovanovic, a former Serbian Orthodox priest who pretended to be interested in buying it in order to start an investigation.

Bishop Kacavenda had a controversial reputation before the alleged sex scandal broke out last week. This relates to his close involvement with and support for the Bosnian Serb army during the 1992-95 war in Bosnia and Herzgovina. Kacavenda was seen as close to the indicted Bosnian Serb leaders Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic, and is remembered for his anti-Muslim propaganda and for blessing young soldiers going to war against non-Serbs.

ANALYSIS: How the Bosnian Serb Assembly Redefined Bosniaks as Enemy ‘Turks’ – Source:, Published on October 19, 2020

Research into the 1990s wartime Bosnian Serb Assembly shows how its politicians’ rhetoric was crucial in the process of creating an image of Bosniaks as historic enemies from an inferior race, which helped to justify war crimes.

As the town of Srebrenica fell to the Bosnian Serb Army on July 11, 1995, its commander Ratko Mladic and his entourage entered the town. “Here we are, on July 11, 1995, in Serb Srebrenica. On the eve of yet another great Serb holiday, we give this town to the Serb people as a gift. Finally, after the Rebellion against the Dahis [19th Century Serb rebellion against the Ottoman Turkish empire], the time has come to take revenge on the Turks in this region,” Mladic said while posing for cameras with the town in the background. NOTE: You can read about Srebrenica Massacre here.

Establishment of theocracy in Montenegro. Will Montenegro be Iran or the Vatican? – Source: Al Jazeera Balkans, Published on September 27, 2020

Forget Iran: when Amfilohije finishes what he started, compared to Montenegro, the Vatican will be a secular state. Montenegrin media report that the future prime minister, Zdravko Krivokapic, cited Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a role model at the beginning of his stellar political career.  Zdravko Krivokapić’s political opponents call him “Rukoljub” (“kissing hand”). This is because during the election campaign he kissed the hand of every priest he met – and he met many of them, because he held a good part of the election rallies in churches. Two motifs stand out as dominant in the photographs of the future prime minister from that time:

a) Krivokapić, bent over, kissing the priest’s hand


and b) Krivokapić, smiling, surrounded by village hosts, drinking brandy from a bottle.


On election night, Krivokapic announced that Djukanovic was defeated by Saint Basil. That was the logical end of the campaign in which the priests of the Serbian Orthodox Church visited the people and threatened that those who voted for Milo would incur the curse of St. Basil and St. Peter of Cetinje. As soon as it dawned, Zdravko shot at the handshake of Amfilohije, the true winner of the Montenegrin elections.

So Bishop Joanikije proposed to the new authorities that the church write a new law on religious communities, which was the announcement of a new division of power in Montenegro: the assembly adopts them, and the laws are written by the church. Negotiations on the formation of the new government got stuck, and Bishop Joanikije organized a meeting of Abazović and other opposition leaders in the church premises. So, when the negotiations on the composition of the government under the leadership of Joanikije failed, a meeting on the same topic was organized by Amfilohije, under Ostrog, at St. Basil’s. The next day, a new parliamentary majority was constituted.

After that, the priests of the Serbian Orthodox Church entered the building of the municipality of Budva and there smoked, sang, consecrated, and finally congratulated the new authorities.


In the meantime, a video was published showing Krivokapić celebrating the arrival of Nikola Kavaja (convicted terrorist in US) in Podgorica in a selected Chetnik society, under a portrait of Radovan Karadžić on the wall.

Medojevic: I was at the same table when Gojko Perovic conditioned the support of the church and threatened to withdraw Krivokapic – Source: Standard, Published on October 23, 2020.

“Gojko Perovic has no problem with me, but with the truth. I said that he was part of a group that illegitimately and inconsistently with constitutional and democratic principles interfered in the creation of our electoral list “For the future of Montenegro” and is now interfering in the formation of the Government. I said that because it is true.

Personally, I was present at the same table when Gojko Perović, in a telephone conversation with Andrija Mandić, conditioned the “support of the Church” with the acceptance of 3 of their representatives on the list. As he told me and Milan Knezevic, Andrija conveyed. At that time, Gojko Perović even threatened to withdraw Krivokapić from the list, if we do not accept three more “his”. Andrija then told him in a very sharp tone “Pull, if that’s the case”, said leader of PZP on his Facebook profile.

SCANDAL: Mandator Krivokapić loves tricolor Serbian flagRadio Skala, October 18, 2020.

As much as the official prime minister-designate Zdravko Krivkapic now claims to have a role to play in reconciling Montenegro, his increasingly frequent public appearances say the opposite. In the last video, which was published on social networks, Krivokapić can be seen kissing a flag – a tricolor with 4S, during a visit to the Nikšić Parish.


Among other things, Krivokapić said that Victory Day should not be celebrated on May 9, that Montenegro is a Serbian state, and that the convicted terrorist Nikola Kavaja is a symbol of resistance

Carevic: “Disinfection, disinsection and demonization” of the Municipality of Budva was carried out – Source:  Al Jazeera Balkans, Published on September 27, 2020


After Marko Carević (Democratic Front) was elected president of the Municipality of Budva, the priests of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral (MCP) consecrated the building of the Municipality of Budva. Commenting on this move, Carevic said that “disinfection, disinsection and demonization of the Municipality” was done, reports FoNet.

SD to international addresses: State your views on Krivokapic’s views on convicted terrorist Kavaja – Source: CdM, Published on September 26, 2020.

Yesterday, the Social Democrats of Montenegro addressed international addresses: the EU Delegation in Podgorica, the US Embassy and the British Embassy with a request for an opinion on the statement of Montenegrin Prime Minister-designate Zdravko Krivokapic regarding the recording of the welcome of convicted terrorist Nikola Kavaja.

Archimandrite Romanos: The path taken by Amfilohije is unorthodox, that is not the mission of the Church of Christ – Source:, Writes: Archimandrite Romanos, Published on September 5, 2020.

I’m sorry. Metropolitan Amfilohije divides the faithful and the people of Montenegro, joins the extreme circles of the Serbian minority, which undermine the independence of the country and act as a Trojan horse of Serbia and Russia against Montenegro…

Metropolitan Amfilohije operates more politically than spiritually, serving the policies of Serbia and the Serbian Church against the independence and sovereignty of Montenegro, as the Russian Church does against Ukraine under Metropolitan Onufri. I’m sorry. Metropolitan Amfilohije divides the faithful and the people of Montenegro, joins the extreme circles of the Serbian minority, which undermine the independence of the country and act as a Trojan horse of Serbia and Russia against Montenegro…

In order for us in Greece to understand what exactly is happening in Montenegro by the Serbian Church, let’s draw a parallel with what is happening in Ukraine and Belarus and the presence of the Russian Church there. Let’s think about this. In our homeland, the Church always acts as a body of healthy patriotism and national ideals of the Greeks, and that is considered essential and logical. However, it is not a coincidence that all our national holidays are common with the holidays of our Holy Orthodox Church.

In these countries, however, the Church acts as the bearer and insidious promoter of the national ideals and goals of another state, sometimes hostile to the country in which it is located. In other words, would the Greeks tolerate a Church in Greece that would act in conflict and undermine their national identity and spread propaganda, say, that there are no Greeks and the Greek nation, that we are something other than what we are…

If we look at things like that, we will understand why the Russian Church in Ukraine and the Serbian Church in Montenegro confronted the vast majority of citizens and patriots in these countries. And why, for us Greeks, who have historically paid a lot of blood in the struggle for the freedom of the homeland, it is inconceivable not to support the honest demand of these peoples for freedom, independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

I hope that Metropolitan Amfilohije Radović will understand at some point that the path he is taking is slippery, unorthodox and that it has nothing to do with the mission of the Church of Christ. Unfortunately, Moscow’s bad influences in the Serbian Church have made it something similar to what the Russian Church is in relation to the Kremlin’s geopolitical plans…

AMFILOHIJE CONTINUES TO SHOCK: A video has appeared in which the metropolitan utters terrible words (VIDEO) – Source:, Published on January 28, 2020.

Serbian daily “” published “shocking news” that leader of the Serbian Orthodox Church Metropolitan Amfilohije admits and repeats three times that the Montenegrin Church was state and autonomous.

It is not normal for one government and one state to conclude a fundamental agreement with the Roman Catholic Church, the Islamic religious community and the Jewish community, and there will be no dialogue with the Orthodox Church, which was the state church here during the Kingdom of Montenegro – said Amfilohije. It was clear he meant the “Montenegrin Church”.

Montenegrin Orthodox Church, right! And that church is the church of God, it was also the church of Christ, above all, and as such it was recognized in the whole world as it is today – so the reporter asked him the same miracle, to which Amfilohije repeated that is Montenegrin Church.

LARGE SCANDAL The Serbian Church evaded taxes in Switzerland – Source:, Published on May 12, 2026.

The Serbian Orthodox Church in Switzerland lost the legal status of a formal Church after 40 years and was placed on a par with sects, reported Serbian daily “Blic”. This scenario and embarrassment occurred due to unpaid taxes, non-declaration of income and arbitrariness of the Austrian-Swiss bishop Andrej. Due to such behavior, the tax authorities are owed at least 100,000 francs, as much as the Serbian Church was obliged to pay for the collected income from believers, worship, and the sale of candles. It is estimated that at least several hundred thousand francs were collected from the believers, on which no tax was paid, so the Swiss authorities deleted the Serbian Orthodox Church in Zurich from the register.

RECOGNITION OF A MEMBER OF THE SYNOD: In the Serbian Orthodox Church, kleptomaniacs, heretics, gays, masons, pedophiles, sodomites, drug addicts, alcoholics, usurers… – Source:,

David Perović, Bishop of Kruševac and a member of the Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC), spoke out in a polemical text after retired Bishop Atanasija Jevtić mentioned him in correspondence with SOC Patriarch Irinej Gavrilović.
David is considered the epigon of the member and spokesman of the Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Bishop Irinej Bulović of Bačka. During the session of the SOC Parliament May 9-18. 2019, David read the “indictment” against the bishop of Western America, Maksim Vasiljevic, etc.

Patriarch Irinej Gavrilovic is the chairman of the Synod – the “church government”. Apart from Irinej Bulović and David Perović, the members of the Synod are Bishop Jovan Mladenović of Šumadija and Metropolitan Hrizostom Jević of Dabro-Bosnia. The group of bishops opposed to the Synod is led by Amfilohije Radović, there are Atanasije Jevtić, bishops of Budva-Nikšić Joanikije Mićović, Dusseldorf-German Grigorije Durić, Raska-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija Teodosije Šibalić, Zahumlje-Herzegovina (except for Grigorije Durić) were at the “assembly” on June 15 in front of the Temple in Podgorica. Serbian sources claim that the fight for the position of the new SOC patriarch is underway.

In the calculation of these two factions, no means of compromising each other are chosen. Metropolitan Chrysostom of Dabro-Bosnia is credited with “taking an accordionist with him to the liturgy, charging for worship services, and when asked where he will spend his money, everyone has an identical answer: gambling!”

“Each liturgy served by Metropolitan Chrysostom costs about 250 euros with an additional payment for deacons, drivers, photographers, which means that each parish costs one parish about 500 euros.” Lately, the total amount has been increasing because all this money goes directly to the bishop’s pocket, plus for the escort”, claims Serbian daily “Blic”. “Bishop [Chrysostom] does not book the money, and there is no record that it was given to him in the parish treasuries.”

David Perović, the bishop of Kruševac and a member of the Synod admits that he “is a sinner”, but that, unlike his opponents in the Serbian Orthodox Church, he is not what they are. Bishop David cites a list of misdemeanors within the Serbian Orthodox Church, including mortgaging church property; membership in criminal organizations, Rotary and Masonic societies; kleptomania; spreading heresies; intelligence; marrying and having children “on the black”; homosexuality; pedophilia; sodomy; pimping; usury; racketeering; smuggling; bullying; drunkenness; drug addiction; blackmail with compromising facts; blasphemy; kidnapping… also mentions certain contributions to unspecified murders and suicides!

What is whose specific sin? Bishop David has not revealed, yet. He put on the same level the claim that “the separation of dioceses from the SOC is being prepared in order to add to those who have been trading in autocephaly for a long, long time.”


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