Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga

Serbian Orthodox Church is behind the formation of the National movement, initiated by businessman Miodrag Daka Davidović, political analyst Srđan Vukadinović, says. So, the new party will be de facto a representative of the SOC which has directly engaged in politics. Mr Vukadinović says that although Mr Krivokapić and Mr Davidović seem to have nothing in common, they certainly do. The alleged media quibbling between the two is only the cover the goal of this project.


Mr Davidović has announced formation of the party and provoked reactions by stating that some ministers from Mr Krivokapić’s expert government will find their place in it. Mr Krivokapić denied such claims.

Speaking about the latest events on the political stage, Mr Vukadinović says that Daka Davidović and Krivokapić are some miraculous people. He adds it is a characteristic of new middle ages period that they are building in Montenegro.

“Everybody knew that the new Government, personally formed according to the model of people with similar opinions, will be only for gaining time for the formation of some party led by Mr Krivokapić and members of that government. We now see it is called National movement. SOC in Montenegro is the only institution that has close ties with a political group and political party”, he says.

According to Mr Vukadinović, SOC has its own party.

“SOC will be spiritus movens of that party and people in it won’t do anything differently from what priests of SOC decide”, Mr Vukadinović says.

He explains that this is not interference of the church into politics, but it’s rather its direct participation in politics.

Mr Vukadinović thinks that nobody will be allowed to enter that party and nobody will be allowed to vote for it, expect for those who prefer SOC. Those who are not extreme devotees to SOC, will not be in that party.

“Hardly any member of DF will be allowed to enter that party. Because it wants subjects who are clerical nationalists. Davidović and some other people close to SOC brought Krivokapić on 26 July. Never in his wildest dreams, did Mr Krivokapić imagine that he would ever get the position he got”, Mr Vukadinović says.

The biggest loser of this story will be DF.

Mr Vukadinović points out that Mr Krivokapić is currently a general without army, or a soldier without general.

“He hasn’t got a party, he hasn’t got support. The church brought him. He’s only buying time. And he is well aware that this government has no perspective”, Mr Vukadinović says.

Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga
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