After European Enlargement Commissioner, Mr Olivér Várhelyi, welcomed Serbia’s decision to withdraw the idea of expelling Montenegrin ambassador, Mr Tarzan Milošević, and urged Montenegro to do the same, numerous reactions from Twitter users followed. Many of the users have asked if Mr Várhelyi is actually endorsing the attack on the sovereignty of an independent state.


Some of the posts are the following:

“Does this mean that you support statements made by Božović? That there’s nothing that could corroborate the expulsion? You are not condemning, you are supporting his statements about the loss of Montenegrin independence”.

“Please inform yourself before writing something publicly like this. It was fundamentally needed for Montenegro to take such an action”.

“Are you implying that Mr Božović’s statement in which he glorified loss of Montenegrin sovereignty is a gesture of stable neighborly relations? What a shame”.

“You should ask as well for the apology from the Serbian side. They didn’t respect official Montenegrin institutions. Otherwise, it seems that you put some negative emotions towards Montenegro”.


“You are not doing your job in the good mood. You don’t respect Montenegrins. You are directly helping these forces”.

“Don’t mix apples and oranges”.

“Ambassador Božović’s statement is the greatest humiliation for Montenegrin citizens since the restoration of independence. This is not a reflection of good neighborly relations”.

“Mister Várhelyi, with due respect, your blatant statement compromises and undermines the presumed seriousness and objectivity of the EU policy in WB. Either you are uninformed, or your position is a result of the interests which are opposed to the European values and principles”.

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