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TRIANGULATION: SOC represents the darkest part of the Serbian being, it is a political institution that has nothing to do with the Christian mission

TRIANGULACIJA: SPC predstavlja najmračniji dio srpskog bića; radi se o političkoj instituciji koja nema nikakve veze sa hrišćanskim poslanjem (VIDEO)


Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga

The NGO Montenegro International organized an online forum called “Triangulation” with the participation of Ante Prkačin, Member of Parliament of the Patriotic Movement in the Croatian Parliament, Bojan Jovanović, author of the book “Confession of How We Betrayed God” and Danilo Brajović, on behalf of MI as the host and moderator of the forum.

The topic of the forum was the current situation in Montenegro and the role of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the region.

At the beginning of the forum, Danilo Brajović reminded that according to the 1981 census, there were only 3% Serbs in Montenegro, and in 2011 that number grew to 30%, which coincides with the arrival of Amfilohije Radović at the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro.

When asked what Montenegro looks like today from the position of the region, Ante Prkačin said that the situation in our country looks very worrying, especially if we take into account the fact that Montenegro is connected with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska, and then with Croatia.

Ante Prkačin in the Croatian Parliament for the Independence Day of Montenegro

“This problem of yours with the Serbian Orthodox Church must enter the European Parliament. Luckily it came in, but it only came in through “the small door” for now. Fortunately, the EU Parliament knows what this is all about. It is not a fight in Montenegro against the church, but a fight against the theft of one, only formally religious institution, and in fact paramilitary and para-political institution”, said Prkačin.

To illustrate the destructive actions of the Serbian Orthodox Church, he took the situation in Croatia as an example. He repeated what he had said in the Croatian Parliament, that in the last 100 years Croatia had not had a more insidious and persistent and difficult enemy since June 17, 1920. when Aleksandar Karađorđević created this religious organization by decree, non-canonically, completely contrary to the Orthodox canon according to which the church borders the state border.

“If Alexander and his entourage were true Orthodox, they would have built the Orthodox Church of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. After the shameful assembly of Podgorica, the Montenegrin Orthodox Church is going to be destroyed and unconnectedly with the Serbian Church. The same is done with the Karlovac archbishopric and churches in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc. and something that Orthodoxy does not know is emerging – the Serbian Orthodox Church of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes is emerging”.

Prkačin reminded that during the time of President Ivica Račan, a legally null and void agreement was signed between the Republic of Croatia and the so-called President of the Episcopal Council, which in fact does not exist in Croatia as such.

“The Serbian Orthodox Church does not exist in Croatia, although it is a signatory to the agreement. There is no such thing in the records. We in Croatia have five dioceses of the Serbian Orthodox Church, all of which are related to Belgrade, and are not interconnected in Croatia. This is not a coincidence, because if they were interconnected, they would be automatically separated from Belgrade and could then have their own statute, Constitution or anything else and then they could sign a legal agreement with the Croatian state and no outflow of capital from Croatia would be possible to Belgrade”.

He reminds that another important reason why the Croatian Orthodox Church was not created is because the Serbian Orthodox Church is the last bearer of Greater Serbian imperialism and expansionism.

“They did not recognize the Croatian state, they did not recognize the disintegration of Yugoslavia. That is how the unfortunate Porfirije once said that he is the patriarch of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes”, adds Prkačin.

According to him, there is a much greater evil in Montenegro because we are connected to Serbia by border ties and the problem of Montenegro should be solved significantly differently.

“Let me return briefly to history. When they declared autocephaly in 1219, it was disputed. I have not yet heard you mention in Montenegro one very important detail. In 1531, four Orthodox patriarchates – Constantinople, Alexandria, Jerusalem and Antioch sent a letter to the Archbishop of Ohrid in which they say that there was never any autocephalous Serbian church. When we go to the Patriarchate of Peja, at the moment when it was rebuilt in 1557, everything is false, everything is a forgery. The first document in which the Serbian Orthodox Church is mentioned in history is the one from June 17, 1920. when Aleksandar Karađorđević established that church by decree and on the basis of that fraud, they got a huge property in Croatia”, reminds Prkačin.

Brajović reminded that until 1989/90. year, when Amfilohije was brought in as the Metropolitan of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro, the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral did not exist, nor was it mentioned as such.

“It is interesting that when you declare independence, it somehow passes, however, when you touch the property that they stole after 1918, i.e. 1920, then the civil war in Montenegro almost begins. Macedonia, which had the strength, got rid of them. Croatia has the strength but does not have the intelligence to get rid of them, and you in Montenegro have the intelligence but you need support”, explains Prkačin.

He ended his address in an optimistic tone, calling on all people of common sense to get involved in this problem, emphasizing that the role of representatives in the European Parliament, who understand this problem well, and are especially important.

“I don’t think you should sleep, when I say that I mean Montenegrin patriots, but time works for you, which shows the nervousness of these unfortunates, because Europe, and especially the United States, increasingly understands the essence of the problem,” Prkacin said.


Bojan Jovanović, former deacon of the Serbian Orthodox Church, author of the book CONFESSION HOW WE BETRAYED GOD

“The biggest problem is that the seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church is in Serbia, which is neither a democracy nor a state going to Europe, but a communist repressive state which, unfortunately, has been in the jaws of a system that is constantly tightening around Serbian citizens, it slowly suffocates them. This is slowly spreading to the region that operates according to the system of “merged containers”, so that we in Serbia, and you in Montenegro and Croatia must wage not a defense, but a war of liberation, because we are all facing a power that requires compromising religion,” Jovanovic said in his address.

He reminded, if we look at the history of the Serbian Orthodox Church, especially in the last three decades, that we see that this religious organization is led by people who are constantly hindering development and who do not want to move forward.

“The problem was after a long concession because all the countries that are facing this problem were waiting for this problem to be solved on its own or for someone else to solve it. Then we got into a fight with people who are well taught by Udba (state security) and other services to wage profiteering wars and to live patriotically only when some interest needs to be drawn, so you can’t lead with that organization called SOC no conversation except about what has never been disputable for them”, explains Jovanović.

Jovanović reminds that the book HOW WE BETRAYED GOD, which has been promoted in Cetinje, Los Angeles and Belgrade for now, has started a process that can no longer be stopped.

“That institution must experience its religious and social debacle, and the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) must go through a catharsis, a pedagogical awareness. Unfortunately, as a Serb and as a member of the Serbian Orthodox Church, I think that the path of that awareness will unfortunately last as long as the poisoning of that organization lasted,” said Jovanovic.

He reminded that the Serbian Orthodox Church represents the darkest part of the Serbian being and that it is a political institution that has nothing to do with the Christian mission, but works to deny foreign statehood, ethnicity, culture and any other peculiarities of peoples in other countries.

“No one has the right to impose their opinion for the sake of a religious organization because that leads to a religious dictatorship. Every man can go to the religious organization he wants and no one is allowed to impose his religious opinion. No one has the right to challenge another for the sake of one religious organization, because that leads you to one religious dictatorship. One institution should not be allowed to tell you that you are a minor believer or that you are not a believer if you do not accept their dictatorship or imposed opinion,” said Jovanovic, whose book is since recently available in English on Amazon.

Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga
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