Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga

Author: Tomislav Marković, *The article has been originally published on AntenaM.

Many plagues, accidents, natural, unnatural and supernatural disasters, evil forces and evil fairies, powerful people and their helpers in recent decades have blindly attacked the innocent Serbian people. This people only want to be on their own. They want to live peacefully and spread out their land plots with dignity and as much as possible. The flame of their fire set to a century-old hearth might seize a couple of neighboring houses along the way, but they just want to warm their heart, soul, and other internal organs on this playful torch. Among the miseries and troubles that happened to this heavenly people – in addition to Judeo-Masons, locusts, the Vatican, the green transversal that threatens Pale, the drought sent to us by the anti-Serbian sun, floods coming from the enemy’s sky, climate conspiracies, homosexuals and other Albanians, as well as the whole world that works on cutting off our heads, and together with them our šajkačas and šubaras – stand out religious cults that have a devastating effect on the remnants of our slaughtered soul. Objective scientific research conducted by our eminent demonologists, psychics, black and white magicians, witch hunters, and exorcists gathered in the association “Sectarian” – established that satanic cults inflict the greatest evil to the Serbian people, and the most terrible and devilish of them is the famous Satanist Orthodox Church.

The Satanist Orthodox Church (SOC) operates under the Serbian Orthodox Church’s auspices (SOC) as its hidden but integral part. They are so permeated and interwoven that it is no longer possible to know who the mother is and who the daughter is. These two religious organizations have overlapped to such an extent that even the believers themselves cannot distinguish them. Thus, they are not sure whether by participating in religious rites, they worship God or the devil. The fact that the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Satanist Orthodox Church have common liturgies, sermons, rhetoric, bishops, clergy, and flock introduces additional disorders. These disorders lead to comic confusions with tragic consequences. It often happens that sincere believers join the Serbian Orthodox Church from the purest religious motives and dedicate their lives to God, and then it turns out that they have served Satan and his local branch of the Satanist Orthodox Church all their lives. The only more or less certain instruction for recognizing the members of this obscure cult was given by Jesus Christ himself: “By their fruits you will know them. Is it picked from the thorns of grapes or from the burdock of figs?” (Mt, 7, 16). The Serbian Orthodox Church is characterized by a cynical mockery of all postulates of Christianity with the obligatory invocation of Christ, relativization of all moral principles, reckless hypocrisy, insatiable greed, the blessing of massacres, and all forms of violence against the weak, unprotected, needy, and powerless.

Orthodox Satanists have their mouths full of God, even though they do not believe in him, nor do they care about his commandments. The only deity they manage to reach is a banal idol – the goddess Nation to whom they offer human sacrifices. However, they do not stubbornly stick even to this goddess, especially when they estimate that it is no longer worth their efforts, which shows that they are typical admirers of the Golden Calf and the Gold Card. They mostly sacrifice members of other nationalities, although they do not shy away from sacrificing lambs from their flock. It is only important that the clergy do not suffer because they are the only mediator between man and Satan by anti-apostolic succession. The flock is treated as unscrupulous and can only serve as a resource of material goods – an instrument for the personal enrichment of priests and bishops (which is elaborated in one of the classic sacral writings of the Satanist Orthodox Church entitled “Sheep are for shearing & slaughter”).

The rituals of the Satanic Orthodox Church generally coincide with the services of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Still, the Satanist wing prefers more radical ritual forms, some of which are performed in public and some secretly. Among the public rituals, they especially like the blessing of lethal weapons and war criminals, spiritual support for ethnic cleansing and genocide, the consecration of shopping malls, party premises, foundations for tobacco factories, the ordination of rich people and rulers, preaching hatred, juggling human skulls in TV studios, blood and soil in a boneless host. They also practice numerous secret rituals such as beating addicts to death for healing, raping prisoners of war for enlightenment, administering communion to boys with consecrated episcopal seeds for worship, making porn movies with subordinates to educate young theologians, cooperation with the secret services to realize the earthly message of Christ as soon as possible: “Nothing is hidden that will not be revealed, nor a secret that will not be known” (Luke, 12, 2).

Theoretical works are not of much interest to Orthodox Satanists because they are not inclined to think as a non-Serbian innovation imported from the rotten West. Nevertheless, they have provided numerous notable bibliographic units for special operations in the genre of theological justification of crimes.

Regardless of this evil cult’s skillful mimicry, it is not difficult to recognize the members of the Satanist Orthodox Church if you have preserved some common sense. It is enough to compare the Gospel’s text with their Panagia, which simply stings your eyes, and everything becomes apparent immediately. Christ rides on a donkey, the priests of the Satanist Orthodox Church ride in the most expensive, furious cars; Christ is poor, they bathe in gold; Christ preaches love, they advocate violence and wars; Christ ends up in agony on the cross, these others end with a fat bank account. To recognize these false prophets, try to believe your eyes more than their empty words.

It is easier for a camel to go through the ears of a needle than for an observer to find members of the clergy of the Serbian Orthodox Church who do not fit the above description. The facts show that the Satanist Orthodox Church completely ate its host from the inside and took his place. This is supported by the inadvertent confession of a well-known Orthodox-police expert on the cultist witch-hunting, who in his manual for self-defense says: “Skillfully disguised and the ultimate goal of all the religious cults is power, religious and financial power above all, and then political, educational, cultural and, finally, war power.” This statement makes a concise portrait of the SOC, regardless of how we read this abbreviation. Reforms in the Serbian Orthodox Church – which the sworn believers in the impossible call for – are unnecessary. It is enough for this sinister institution to change only one word in its name. There was enough of misrepresentation.

*From Greater Serbia for Small People (Sarajevo: Buybook, 2018)

Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga
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