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The criminal charges to the Special State Prosecutor to prosecute those responsible for violating the Constitution and Laws of the state of Montenegro

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Krivična prijava SDT da procesuira odgovorne za kršenje Ustava i zakona države Crne Gore

Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga

Dear Mr. Katnić,

We are addressing you with criminal charges in the field of organized crime and high corruption against public officials, responsible persons and authorized officials in competent state institutions, who through abuse of office, fraud in office and otherwise, allowed and did not sanction crimes from their competencies, knowingly acting contrary to official responsibility and competencies, thus violating the legal order and the rights of citizens guaranteed by the Constitution and the Law, and causing legal, health and any other insecurity and fear among the citizens of Montenegro.

We invite you to in accordance with Art. 30 of the Law on Special State Prosecutor’s Office, to form three special investigation teams that will deal with abuses and criminal offenses by competent public officials and civil servants of the Government of Montenegro, National Coordinating Body, administration and doctors of the Clinical Center of Montenegro, Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms of Montenegro. the Police Dept., the competent Prosecutor’s office, the Real Estate Administration, the Protector of Property and Legal Interests of Montenegro, the Administration for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, the Media and others.

Given the comprehensiveness, connection and number of criminal offenses, which connects actions in favor of a religious community contrary to the legal order of the state of Montenegro, we propose the formation of three special investigation teams to deal with abuses and crimes of competent civil servants in the following areas:

Failure to comply with health regulations to combat dangerous infectious diseases (Article 287 of the Criminal Code of Montenegro), Transmission of dangerous infectious diseases (Article 288 of the Criminal Code of Montenegro), Unconscientious provision of medical care (Article 290 of the Criminal Code of Montenegro) – in the period from 30.10. – 01.11.2020, on the occasion of the death of the deceased. Risto Radović, which is contrary to common sense and the current measures of the National Coordinating Body, which not only violated the Constitution and the Law but endangered thousands of lives throughout Montenegro, given the fact that COVID-19 has already taken over to 300 lives in the past half year.   ·

Destruction and damage of cultural goods and alienation of tens of millions of m2 of state property through illegal registration of state property on private individuals and legal entities, without any legal basis, of which 11,246,673 square meters are registered in the name of various right holders ( Orthodox Metropolitan of Montenegro and Littoral, Orthodox Metropolitanate of Montenegro and Littoral, Serbian Orthodox Church Municipality, Serbian Othodox Monastery Ostrog, Diocise of Budimlje and Niksic,  Pech’s Patriarchy, Mitroplitanate of Montenegro and Littoral and Skenderija, Serbian orthodox Church, Mileshevo Diocese …).

Public promotion of violations of the legal order of the state of Montenegro by the media, related to the public broadcast of the funeral of the deceased. Risto Radović through RTCG (Radio Television of Montenegro), which promoted a mass violation of Art. 287 and 288 of the Criminal Code of Montenegro), media that in their texts and comments enable, achieve and / or promote hate speech.

The comments that you can find on certain portals are in direct contradiction with Art. 26, paragraph 5 of the Law on Media, and the competent authorities, including the competent prosecutor, were obliged to react urgently in accordance with Art. 41 and 42 of the Law on Media because they represent a direct violation of the rights of citizens guaranteed by the Constitution and the Law.

We request the Special State Prosecutor’s Office to act in accordance with Art. 28 and Art. 31 of the Law on Special State Prosecutor’s Office and obtain all evidence related to the actions of competent public officials, responsible persons and authorized officials in the part of violations of the articles of the Constitution and the Law that we point out in this request.

We remind you that in accordance with Article 32 of the Criminal Code of Montenegro, the purpose of punishment is: 1) to prevent the perpetrator from committing criminal offenses and to influence him not to commit criminal offenses in the future; 2) influencing others not to commit criminal offenses; 3) expressing social condemnation for a criminal offense and obligations to respect the law and 4) strengthening morals and influencing the development of social responsibility.

The petition is available here.

Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga
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