Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga

In the premises of the library “Njegos” in Cetinje, NGO Montenegro International organized tonight a promotion of the book CONFESSION HOW WE BETRAYED GOD.

At the beginning of the promotion, Danilo Brajović from the Board of Directors of NGO Montenegro International said that this organization is aimed at preserving and promoting individual freedoms, values of civil society, democracy, rule of law, sustainable peace, harmony and prosperity, as well as the fight against religious and ethnic extremism and nationalism.

“Given our engagement, we are fully aware of the carcinogenic activities of the top of the Serbian Orthodox Church, which is one of the main ideological culprits for numerous crimes and ethnic cleansing in the Western Balkans over the past 100 years, so we at Montenegro International gladly accepted to be the publisher of this books”, said Brajović.

He said that Bojan Jovanović, as a former deacon of the Serbian Orthodox Church, is one of the few individuals who had the courage to tell the truth about the crimes of this group in public. Bojan’s personal experience, life stories and documents he collected are a valuable testimony to the criminal organization that will, we hope, soon go among the dark pages of the history of this region, and the parareligious activities of the clerical-fascist ideology that captured not just the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) and the state of Serbia, but also the entire region of the Western Balkans.

Mirna Nikčević from the Board of Directors of Montenegro International said that the Serbian Orthodox Church, based on Saint Sava`s cult, is anything but not a religious organization because the activities of its leadership are characterized by violation of almost all God’s commandments, which are allegedly invoked, linked to intelligence and criminal circles in the region and are one of the causes of the last war in the former Yugoslavia.

“The fact is that similar ideology and similar crimes took place within the Catholic Church, but not in this way in the 21st century with the full connection of the official Church and the state,” she said.

She added that this is not an accusation against Serbia as a state, nor against the Serbian Orthodox Church as a religious organization, but against a combination of religious, criminal, intelligence and political circles that have taken over the Serbian Orthodox Church, the state of Serbia and are trying to do the same with Montenegro and most of the Western Balkans region.

“The truth about the crimes of Saint Sava’s ideology within the Serbian Orthodox Church should contribute to the final liberation of the Serbian Orthodox Church and Serbia, as well as the entire region from the bearers of evil that threatens the collective security and human destinies of many who became victims of this criminal gang. The publication of this book is also an act of support for a large number of honorable priests within the Serbian Orthodox Church who serve in Christ and Serbia of Milan St. Protić, Koča Popović and numerous other greats, because both the Serbian Orthodox Church and the state of Serbia deserve to be mentioned for good, not evil “, concluded Nikčević.

Bojan Jovanović`s book CONFESSION HOW WE BETRAYED GOD is a dramatic confession about the homosexual lobby, brutal attacks by pedophiles and even murders within the Serbian Orthodox Church.

The book is a dynamic thriller, written without hesitation, directly, dramatically, painfully in some parts and simply without embellishment, in order to conjure up for the reader all the abominations and abominations, the abominations of homosexual predators camouflaged in the mantles of Orthodox dignitaries. After reading this documentary crime horror, it becomes clear to the reader that the hierarchy of the Serbian Orthodox Church is deeply immersed in perversion, and that those who follow Christian principles of life are not only marginalized, but also persecuted and even killed, all for the purpose of covering up rot within the clergy of the SOC.

At the promotion, the author of the book spoke about the case of the murder of child Milić Blažanović’s, which was covered up, as well as pedophilia cases within the Serbian Orthodox Church, which was covered up by the Bishop of SOC in Montenegro Joanikije, with the blessing of the deceased Metropolitan Amfilohije.

He said that by stopping the investigation, Joanikije participated in covering up pedophilia in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, and that Metropolitan Amfilohije who had known about everything for more than 4 decades, participated in reviewing the material.

“We cannot judge Amfilohije because he died, but we must tell the public that this man knew about pedophilia in the Serbian Orthodox Church even while he was the bishop of Banat. I do not consider Mr. Joanikije a bishop. He is the man who was in charge of conducting an investigation about pedophilia cases that took place in the Cetinje Monastery, Dajbabe Monastery and other monasteries on the territory of Montenegro in 2011, 2012 and 2013, and who covered up all those cases,” said Jovanovic.

He called on Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic not to sign the Basic Agreement with the false Serbian Patriarch Porfirije.

“Mr. Krivokapic, if you sign a document with the top of the Serbian Orthodox Church, it is the same as signing a contract with the Sicilian mafia. Can the Sicilian mafia donate to Caritas, yes! Can the Sicilian mafia get forgiveness of sins, it can’t! Therefore, I urge you not to sign the biggest fraud in the history of Montenegro”, said Jovanović.

He said that Porfirije was falsely elected Patriarch by the bishops who had to be behind bars a long time ago because of all the crimes in which they participated and which they covered up, and that the same will happen soon because NGO Montenegro International will soon submit all evidence to the European Union and the international community in order to force the judicial authorities of the state of Serbia to act in accordance with their competencies and legal obligation.

Jovanovic said that he had a meeting with Special State Prosecutor Milivoje Katnic just before the pandemic, and he asked Katnic to invite him to provide all the evidence and launch an investigation about involvement of the leadership of Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro in covering up cases of pedophilia within this organization.

NGO Montenegro International announced that the book CONFESSION HOW WE BETRAYED GOD will be translated into English, German and Italian and will soon be available throughout Europe and North America.

Al Jazeera Balkans broadcast about pedophilia in SOC from December 2020

Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga
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