The Government of Serbia controlled by Mr Aleksandar Vučić has donated the Serbian House, owned by Mr Emilo Labudović, the Serbian National Council, SNS, of Mr Momčilo Vuksanović and Matica Srpsa of Mr Vladimir Božović a total of €5.83 million, suggest the data of the Serbian government.

Source: Pobjeda

According to Pobjeda daily, the Serbian House got €4 million of this amount, the SNS €869.000, while Matica Srpska received nearly a million.

In addition, data show that Serbia’s government donated €12 million over the last sex years to all Serbian organizations and the eparchies of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro.

Of this amount, the Serbian government allocated a total of €7,089.680 to Serbian organizations, while the eparchies of the SOC received almost €5 million.

Mr Labudović, Mr Vuksanović and Mr Božović were the closest allies of the leader of the bloc For the Future of Montenegro and a candidate for prime minister-designate, Mr Zdravko Krivokapić.

Assistance to Serbian organizations in Montenegro has become even more obvious after 2016 when these organizations got over €7 million on the pretext of “saving the identity”, while the amount had been increasing ahead of the 2020 elections.

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