We don’t think that the bilateral or historical disagreements that European countries have should be placed in the context of European integration, as, in our opinion, Commissioner Olivér Várhelyi did, said members of the Presidency of the Social Democratic Party, Mr Mirko Stanić, Ms Jelena Mitrović and Ms Amina Cikotić at today’s meeting with representatives of the EU Delegation.


As it was announced from the SDP, the representatives of that party presented the representatives of the EU Delegation with historical books from the period of the disappearance of the Kingdom of Montenegro in 1918, as well as the Resolution of the Parliament of Montenegro on annulment of the decisions of the “Podgorica Assembly”.

Their representatives emphasized that the strength of states “is measured by how much the decisions made by the Assembly are respected, because that is how the rule of law is essentially built, which is a necessary precondition for Montenegro’s further European path”.

As they point out, the meeting emphasized the mutual desire to continue communication, in order to strengthen the European idea in Montenegro through further cooperation, as well as the support of citizens for European integration. They also discussed current political developments and priorities in the coming period, especially in the context of mitigating the social-economic impact of the coronavirus crisis.

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