Representatives of NGO association, ‘Montenegrin convocation’ filed criminal charges to the Prosecutor’s Office in Bar against priests of SOC, who held service in the Temple of Saint John Vladimir on 4 October, to mark the start of school year and teacher, Ms Rada Višnjić, who called on pupils of “Jugoslavija” Elementary School to join her in prayer.

Source: CdM, Dnevne novine

Lawyer Nikola Belada, who filed the charges on behalf of ‘Montenegrin convocation’, says that priests violated Article 287 of the Criminal Code.

“Whoever had the opportunity to see photos, knows that nobody adhered to health protocols – there was no distance, no masks, children were kneeling down and touching the floor”, he said.

Teacher Rada Višnjić said she “did not call on children, but she just informed them”, but she is charged with violating Article 417 of the Criminal Code anyway.

“She says that there was no call for the service in messages she sent to children, but that’s not true. She literally said that she “would be glad if they joined her”, Mr Belada says.

Ministry of Education has denounced this act as scandalous, while Ministry of Human and Minority Rights harshly condemned “manipulation of the children in Bar”.

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