Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga

By: Ivana Đukić, Source: Skala Radio

The fictitious conflict between official Serbia and Montenegro cannot put in the background and cover the real conflict between the Greater Serbia ideology and its bearers in the form of individuals – who, ignoring the legal order and independence of the state of Montenegro, as well as its centuries-old traditions and unique cultural world heritage sites, camouflaging the real truth, do not give up their fatal plan. Have you ever, during the rule of 12 governors in the form of organizing the whole, heard from anyone to publicly express any position on the Montenegrin Orthodox Church, and why didn’t you?! Because in the public discourse, no mention is allowed of its centuries-old autocephaly, far older, more thorough, and not blackened at all, unlike the Serbian Orthodox Church. This happens for a reason, known as “public forgetting” – because the people, in time, without mentioning it, will no longer remember its existence – or at least those numerators hope so. To make the matter more difficult to accept, the word ORTHODOXY is actually domesticated in the name SERBIA, and as such it is camouflaged to the point of not recognizing what is – in fact – a national symbol – and what is religious.

Taking into consideration that the international community will not inquire about the real state of affairs in Montenegro, that is, that they will be harshly trusted, and that its inhabitants will be able to call the ugly hypocrisy “Milogorci” for a long time – and that any activity in defense of their own statehood and preserving the autocephaly of the state-building church, to call the DPS instructive. By the way – the Montenegrin Orthodox Church has a metropolitan at its head, who has never been polluted by anything, who – as every bishop should – keeps only the best intentions for everyone, hates no one – above all, and there is no one who cannot address him at any time for all spiritual needs. He is educated, an open type of a bishop, which one church deserves.

I ask the International Community to open its eyes to this issue and see where people are going, who, like wolves in lamb skins, present themselves to them in a way that is diametrically opposed to the goals of the people they do not represent. This review will be delivered to all international addresses, and if the reaction is not prompt – we will consider that we are left to defend ourselves, because we have no other position – except to view it as Dutch troops, which at one time, with their unresponsiveness and passivity, refusing to see what was actually behind the eloquence, they allowed identical ideologies to come to an irreparable massacre.

Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga
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Knjiga ISPOVEST KAKO SMO UBILI BOGA, svjedočanstvo je progona i mučeništva ljudi koji su svakodnevne žrtve, ne samo silovatelja i napasnika u mantijama, nego i sistema koji takve ljude štiti.

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