Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga

The government of Prime Minister-designate, Mr Zdravko Krivokapić, which was announced as an expert, reformist and conciliatory, shows unparalleled chauvinism, hate speech, denial of traditional, cultural and national specificity of Montenegrins, the largest national community in Montenegro, it is stated in the petition calling on the MPs not to vote for the proposed candidates for the Government of Montenegro.


“The fact that the prime minister-designate was proposed by the Serbian Orthodox Church and that its influence on the formation of the government is attested by personal solutions in the government, as well as the fact that open fundamentalist views of the prime minister-designate are directly opposed to the constitutionally defined secular character of Montenegro. Mr Krivokapić’s statement that he sees the relations between Serbia and Montenegro as the relations between the two Serbian states is an attack on the civil concept determined by the highest legal act of the state of Montenegro.

The selection of candidates for ministers from only one religious community and from members of only one nation, with the exception of the decorative installation of URA leaders, indicates that the new government will erase another important pillar of Montenegrin society – its multiculturalism. Numerous public appearances of the prime minister-designate as the future holder of the highest state function of the executive power and his candidates for ministers point at the conclusion that the election of a new government will jeopardize all values on which modern Montenegro rests”, the petition reads.

The petition states that the appointment of Ms Vesna Bratić as the new Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports was obviously motivated by her clerical-nationalist views, and not by professional and managerial qualifications.

A number of her scandalous statements incompatible with the civic, secular, anti-fascist and multicultural character of our country indicate that it is not a matter of reckless staffing of the prime minister-designate, but the intention to collapse the foundations of the Montenegrin state through the ministries in which educational, cultural and scientific policy is created”.

“We want to draw the Montenegrin public’s attention to the fact that the responsibility for appointing a person who promotes chauvinism, cultural racism and fundamentalism cannot be borne only by the prime minister-designate, but by all political groups and MPs who vote for the election of such government and such ministers. We urge Montenegrin MPs, regardless of political and ideological differences, to deny confidence in the proposed government and thus protect the fundamental, constitutionally defined values of modern Montenegro”.

The petition was launched by Montenegrin PEN Center, Academy of Sciences and Arts of Duklja, Faculty of Montenegrin language and Literature and over 150 cultural and public employees:

Mr Novak Adžić, lawyer and historian
Prof. dr Vanda Babić, philologist
Miodrag Bajković, architect and publicist
Nataša Baranin, journalist
Assistant doctor Boban Batrićević, historian
Dejan Batrićević, graphic designer
Mr Nemanja Batrićević, political scientist
Nikola Belada, lawyer and publicist
Božana Biskupović, economist,
Ivica Biskupović, lawyer
Tihomir Biskupović, musician
Prof. dr Dragan Bogojević, philologist
Prof. dr Maja Bogojević, film theorist
Minja Bojanić, journalist
Gordana Borović, journalist
Ana Božović, philologist
Ivan Božović, artist
Radmila Božović, actress
Ranka Božović, psychologist
Jevrem Brković, author, academic
Renata Bulajić, director of  “Njegoš“  National Library in Nikšić
Dr Zlatko Bulić, bilogist , academic
Saladin Dino Burdžović, writer
Prof. dr Mihailo Burić, doctor of hydrology, academic
Danilo Burzan, journalist and publicist
Miloš Burzan, anthropologist
Borislav Cimeša, publicsit
Adnan Čirgić, philologist, dean of the Faculty of Montenegrin Language and Literature
Ivona Čović-Jaćimović, actress
Radovan Damjanović, professor of pedagogy and education historian

Prof. mr Zdravko Delibašić, graphic designer
Prof. mr Draško Dragaš, painter
Maja Dragićević-Roganović, ethnologist
Čedomir Drašković, culturologist
Nada Drašković, bibliographer
Mr Goran Drinčić, philologist and translator
Milovan Đukanović, philologist and translator
Roman Đuranović, painter
Prof. mr Vladimir Đuranović, painter
Jelena Đurović, journalist
Radomir Đurović, historian
Prof. mr Sandra Đurović, graphic designer
Žana Gardašević, actress
Dejan Ivanić, actor
Tamara Ivanović, journalist
Prof. dr Veselin N. Ivanović, professor of technical sciences
Anto Janković, economist and publicist
Hristina Janković, journalist
Borislav Jovanović, writer and literary critic
Prof. mr Sanja Jovanović, producer
Željko V. Jovanović, lawyer and publicist
Biljana Jovićević, journalist
Anđa Kapičić, art historian
Prof. mr Marija Kapisoda, academic graphic artist
Zoran V. Kapisoda, philologist
Prof. dr Novak Kilibarda, philologist
Branka Knežević, dramatist
Prof. dr Olivera Komar, political scientist
Veselin Konjević, journalist and publicist
Prof. Stevan Koprivica, professor of dramaturgy, playwright
Mr Sava Kovačević, educational expert
Nataša Latković, professor of musical arts
Danilo Lompar, poet
Jadranka Mamić, actress
Slavko Mandić, journalist
Mr Milan Marković, philologist, secretary general of PEN center
Dr Branislav Marović, historian
Slobodan Marunović, actor
Silvana Mašanović, curator
Slobodan Medojević, publicist
Marjan-Mašo Miljić, publicist, member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Duklja
Jelena Minić, actress
Ivana Mrvaljević, actress
Dr Jakov Mrvaljević, doctor of geographical sciences and publicist
Mr Zorica Mrvaljević, ethnologist
Ljubomir Mudreša, writer
Jelena Nenezić-Rakočević, actress
Prof. dr Jasmina Nikčević, philologist
Prof. dr Milorad Nikčević, philologist, member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Duklja
Andrej Nikolaidis, writer
Prof. mr Ratko Odalović, painter
Mr Sanja Orlandić, philologist
Žaklina Oštir, actress
Prof. mr Suzana Pajović, graphic designer
Milija Pavićević, painter
Senad Pećanin, journalist and lawyer
Mr Ana Pejović, philologist
Milena Pejović-Eraković, art historian
Prof. mr Pavle Pejović, sculptor, academic of Academy of Sciences and Arts of Duklja and Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts

Dragan B. Perović, publicist
Igor Perović, visual artist
Prof. dr Milenko A.Perović, philosophy professor, president of the Montenegrin PEN center, member of Academy of Sciences and Arts of Duklja
Sreten Perović, writer ,theatrologist and translator, president of Academy of Sciences and Arts of Duklja
Marko Petrović-Njegoš, artist
Ksenija Popović, writer
Milorad Popović, writer, president of the Montenegrin association of independent writers
Mr Nikola Popović, philologist
Đuro Beli Prijić, painter
Božidar Proročić, poet and literary critic
Prof. dr Vukić Pulević, botanist, academic of Academy of Sciences and Arts of Duklja and Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts
Mr Kosana Radojević, pianist and musician
Milovan Radojević, writer and theatrologist
Mihailo Radojičić, writer and journalist
Andro Radulović, lawyer, director of the Maritime museum of Montenegro

Aleksandar Radoman, philologist
Aleksandra Radoman-Kovačević, educational expert
Đorđije Radonjić, publicist
Stevan Radunović, economist, publicist
Vasko Raičević, writer and dramaturge
Amina Rastoder, leader of the international cultural projects
Zoran Rašović, engineer and publicist
Igor Rakčević, academic graphic artist, president of the Association of Artists of Montenegro
Snežana Rakonjac, journalist
Novica Samardžić, editor and publicist
Mr Nela Savković-Vukčević, culturologist
Dr Goran Sekulović, doctor of philosophical sciences, academic of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Duklja

Željko Sekulović, poet and lawyer
Mr Jadranka Selhanović, historian
Vlatko Simunović, literary critic, journalist and publicist
Goran Skrobanović, conservator
Dragan Spasić, architect
Tomislav Stanić, pianist
Mr Nemanja Stankov, political scientist
Zoran Stanojević, writer
Nenad Stevović,publicist
Ivan Stipanić, architect
Đorđe Šćepović, writer
Darko Šuković,journalist
Tanja Šuković, journalist
Bojan Šuković, journalist

Dragan Bursać, journalist
Šeki Radončić, journalist
Rajko Cerović, publicist
Slobodan Čukić, journalist and publicist
Jelena Šušanj, philologist
Olivera Todorović, librarian
Prof. Rajko Todorović Todor, painter, academic of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Duklja
Tijana Todorović, visual artist
Stefan Todorović, philologist
Dragana Tripković, poet and dramaturge
Mr Sanja Vojinović, philologist
Prof. dr Vladimir Vojinović, philologist and writer
Ana Vučković, actress
Ana Vujošević, actress
Čedomila Vujošević-Đurđić, poet and journalist
Dr Sara Vujošević, musician, opera diva
Mr Novica Vujović, philologist
Sreten Vujović, writer, academic of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Duklja
Zoran Vujović, actor
Nada Vukčević, actress
Ranko Vuković, academic graphic artist
Mladen Vušurović, film creator and producer
Peđa Vušurović


Montenegro International
Association for the preservation of Montenegrin tradition, culture and restoration of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church, “Crnogorski obraz“ NGO
Montenegrin Canadian Association
Montenegrin movement – Goro Moja
Montenegrin convocation


Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga
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