Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga

Dear Mr. Stankovic,

We address you in your capacity as the “Supreme State Prosecutor “ with responsibility for the observance/compliance of the Constitution and Law by ALL employees of the institution which you head.

It is an indisputable fact (widely reported by the media with video footage) that a priest infected with Covid 19 was allowed to walk through “The Clinical Centre “ unmasked, ungloved and unchallenged by anyone of authority. We would like to point out that this is against all decent common sense and makes a mockery of the Law in Montenegro. We are especially concerned with the facts that for the umpteenth time such acts, as this have not brought about investigation or prosecution by the courts. The Court is the only authority that can determine responsibility of any person suspected of criminal offences or failure to act in accordance with the Law, as happened in the case of Dr.Borovinic-Brojovic.

As an experienced lawyer for many years and a person who heads the highest prosecutorial institution in Montenegro, you know very well that ALL citizens are equal under the Law, which is guaranteed by the Constitution of Montenegro and further enhanced by International Legal Obligations that Montenegro has signed.

As citizens of Montenegro we ask you, what would happen if an ordinary citizen (not a priest) had walked into a Medical/Clinical Centre, violated ALL health protocols at this time of Covid 19 and knowingly had the infection, and proceeded to put existing patients in that center already infected with Covid 19 at much great risk of death. This at time of over 300 deaths from Covid is reckless in the extreme and criminal as a point of fact. We believe that there has been a conspiracy by a group of people regarding this act, hence the silence on this matter. We have therefor initiated the signing of a criminal report, which will be presented to the Special State Prosecutor for organized crime and corruption. We remind you that criminal, misdemeanor or disciplinary procedures must apply to everyone equally, if not then we are in breach of our own Constitution and agreements signed with the European Union, Vis a Vis our accession to E.U. membership. The responsibility to ensure compliance and prosecution of those suspected of wrong doing rests with you, as the Head of The State Prosecutors Office.

Therefore, we demand that you urgently start disciplinary proceedings and prosecute Sinisa Milic, and all those who walked unauthorized around The Clinical Center of Montenegro in violation of “Health and Legal” protocols and any other people who colluded together to allow this to happen.

With a special request we will ask the State Prosecutor, Mr. Katnic to include the name of Professor Millic on the list of those against whom investigation of organized crime and corruption should be initiated.

As citizens with full rights we have reason to suspect that this is an organized group that violates the constitutional order of the state of Montenegro by not acting in accordance with laws and other legal acts and / or knowingly committing crimes mentioned in the report. . We remind you that in accordance with Article 32 of the Criminal Code of Montenegro, the purpose of punishment is: 1) to prevent the perpetrator from committing criminal offenses and to influence him not to commit criminal offenses in the future; 2) influencing others not to commit criminal offenses; 3) expressing social condemnation for a criminal offense and the obligation to respect the law; and 4) strengthening morale and influencing the development of social responsibility, with the key role of the state prosecutor’s office in processing all doubts so that the competent court makes a final decision. By avoiding the prosecution prosecuting all persons for whom there is a basis for suspicion, you are destroying the legal order of this country and encouraging legal anarchy, which can have far-reaching consequences for society. You can see the text of the criminal report signed by over 800 citizens in two days at the following link:

Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga
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