Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga

Dear Members of Parliament,

You have gathered with the purpose and responsibility of electing the 42nd Government of Montenegro. While we would like to wish you success in your work, we cannot. While we would like to entrust you with the duty of bringing progress and happiness to the citizens of Montenegro, we cannot. We cannot, because today you are choosing between betrayal and patriotism; between clerical-fascism and anti-fascism; between the Podgorica Assembly and the  Independence Day; between the Middle Ages and the 21st century; between theocratic and secular states; between anarchy and constitutional rule of law; between Serbia’s Aleksandar Karadjordjevic, war criminals like priest Maca Vukojicic and Ratko Mladic, and Serbia’s Stojan St Protic, Koca Popovic and Ivan Stambolic. You are, in effect, choosing for Montenegro between a world symbolized by the dictatorial rule of Vladimir Putin, Tayyip Erdogan and Xi Jinping; and one represented by the democratic vision of leaders such as Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Jacinda Ardern, Catherine Jacobsdottir and Sanna Marin. You are determining whether Montenegro should embody the Europe of Marie Le Pen, Victor Orban and Aleksandar Vucic or the Europe of Robert Schuman and Konrad Adenauer.

You have gathered today to elect an anti secular, mono-ethnic and monotheistic government in a country of diverse ethnicities and religions.

Today, you are electing a government that harbors pro-fascist worldviews, instead of the anti-fascist values on which modern Montenegro and indeed the modern world are based.

Today, despite the clear needs presented by a devastating economic and public health crisis, you are electing a government whose goals are to legalize the theft of national property by the Serbian church, protect a thirty year legacy of not enforcing and violating the rule of law, and further the culturcide that Montenegro has been experiencing for decades. 

Today, you are electing as prime minister a man who openly violated the constitution by ignoring health regulations and disobeying Articles 287 and 288 of the criminal code of Montenegro, resulting in the transmission of a dangerous disease. You are electing a prime minister who spreads religious fundamentalism and denies the tenets of democratic society. You are electing a prime minister to whom Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and convicted terrorist Nikola Kavaja are role models, who considers Montenegro a Serbian state, and who seeks to abolish the May 9, Victory in Europe Day. You are electing a prime minister who proposes to lead a government for and by the priests of the Serbian church, not the citizens of the country of Montenegro.

Today, you are electing a notorious ethnic discriminator and radical Serbian nationalist to lead the education, science and culture ministry of Montenegro, a multi-ethnic country of citizens. You are electing a woman who pridefully refers to herself as a Chetnik while pejoratively calling the citizens she is meant to minister “New Montenegrins” and “Milo-negrins” as though “Montenegrin” has no historical foundation, but rather is the result of “ethnic engineering” and political sycophancy.  

The third of the “Twelve Apostles” to be elected today to a post responsible for upholding the constitution of Montenegro is a doctor and head of the Clinics & Hospital Center who vagrantly violated not only medical ethics and the Hippocratic oath, but also the criminal code of Montenegro in favor of the Serbian church’s whim. 

Amongst you today are those who, according to the Constitution, should not be in the highest legislative body of Montenegro, which is why we file criminal charges against members of the State Election Commission that allowed this lawlessness in Montenegro.

We remind you that our organization has filed a criminal charge with the Special State Prosecutor requesting to prosecute all those responsible for violating the Constitution of Montenegro and that we will continue to file charges before domestic and international bodies until those responsible for legal anarchy are prosecuted.

The Parliamentary majority to be constituted today have incited hatred throughout Montenegro, openly denied the Montenegrin nation and the rights of national minorities, threatened the territorial integrity of neighboring countries and a repeat of the Srebrenica genocide, codified hate speech, and supported war mongers and war criminals.

We want to emphasize the fact that the responsibility for appointing persons who promote ethnic hatred, culturicide and fundamentalism cannot be borne only by the prime minister who will be a head of such a government, but also by all members of parliament who vote for the election of such a government and such ministers.

Before you make the decision to vote for such a government, read the Constitution of Montenegro as the highest legal mandate and think carefully about whether you will be a new Savo Fatic in the dark history of Montenegro and how you will look into the eyes of your descendants, members of your families, neighbors and friends in future!

For thirty years, we have lived with a legal code that openly discriminated against and suppressed the interests of Montenegrins of different ethnic groups, trampled on the legal order of the state and led to the current situation in the country. If the existing prosecutor’s office and courts do not defend and enforce the laws of the state and protect the human rights of all citizens of Montenegro, the next prosecutor’s office and courts will do so. If the future prosecutors fail to do so, they will face consequences bestowed by the international community.

We write to inform you that the book, Several Pages from Karadjordjevic’s Bloody Album, written by the refugee government of King Nikola, is currently being translated into English, and that an international team of lawyers is preparing a lawsuit against the Serbia for genocide that occurred between 1918 and 1929.

Montenegrins of all ethnic groups have been silent for too long. They have allowed the personal and political interests of the people in power to adopt various hegemonic ideologies from the region and weaken civic society and strengthen retrograde, nationlist ideologies, which claimed over 200,000 innocent lives in former Yugoslavia.

During the present political flux, each one of us will stand in defense of law and justice, but we are not alone. With us is the Foreign Policy Committee of the US Congress and European Council that recently confirmed the majority position of the EU which states there will be no financial support of candidate countries that are not upholding the rule of law. 

You can be sure that Montenegrins in Montenegro as well as the diaspora will do our best to present everything that has happened in Montenegro from 1918 to today to the international community. This will include the catastrophic actions of individuals within the institutions of the system over the course of the last three decades.

Finally, you have another choice to offer the citizens of Montenegro during the economic and public health crisis that will surely continue for months to come, to “eat plant roots” as was suggested in the 1990s, or to overcome divisions and pursue the overall socio-economic and public health crisis we are facing!

We are appealing to the members of the Parliament of Montenegro not to place another country’s interests in front of their own, for that country is no worthier than the country this Parliament is charged with serving!

Consider the points presented here carefully, for even after these two days, the third day shall dawn and we will either have clear skies where all the progressive forces join to advance the economic and political conditions, or we might end up with a storm like that of the 1990’s.

Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga
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