Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga

First a number of MPs of a new parliamentary majority entered the parliament after the intonation of the national anthem, then priests of the Serbian Orthodox Church burned incense in the premises of the Budva municipal assembly, and in Andrijevica we could see a tricolor at the session of the local parliament. In the end there was a situation in Tivat when the intonation of the anthem was skipped in order to avoid tensions, as explained.

Source: CdM

It’s unbelievable to hear about the reasons for not playing the anthem – the decision was made in order to avoid tensions, as representatives of the bloc ‘People Win’ protested against it.

Leader of the Liberal Party, Mr Andrija Popović, tells CdM that Montenegro is sliding towards the clerical and right-wing madness, expressed in different ways by constitutive sittings of the Parliament of Montenegro and local self-governments of Budva, Andrijevica and now Tivat, as they clearly showed the lack of respect for the Montenegrin national symbols by the new parliamentary majority, thus sending a clear message that the constitutional and legal order of Montenegro has been challenged.

A spokesperson of Social Democrats, Mr Nikola Zirojević, is adamant about the recent events.

He tells CdM that the constitutive session of the Tivat municipal assembly is only a continuation of the announcements during the election campaign, and what the Montenegrin public could see on 31 August following the victory of the ‘liberation’ political forces in Montenegro.

According to him, it’s scandalous that a representative of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, who attended the entire sitting and supported the newly-elected president of the Tivat municipal assembly, later on remembered to give a statement and say he would back the president of the municipality on condition that the national anthem was played.

Anti-state aspirations

Mr Zirojević adds that it’s disappointing to see that this all has been approved by representatives of the “civic” parties, having extremely hypocritical (quasi) arguments.

“Social Democrats members cannot help but wonder how long they will be humiliating the independent, civil, anti-fascist and secular Montenegro. Are those who allow such degradation of modern and sovereign Montenegro aware of their historical responsibility? Is this a better, more progressive Montenegro without divisions, as they promised to citizens? Is this a “pro-Montenegrin, civic and pro-European Montenegro” as they were telling after signing the agreement which was obviously a dead letter,” the spokesperson of Social Democrats asks.

Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga
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