Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga

“It’s time to gather again to defend what’s most sacred to us – Montenegro. I call on all Montenegrins to hear each other, not to calculate, to stand by the president of our country and follow his path, because every other way is leading us into a downfall. We must not forget what Mr Milo Đukanović did for Montenegro and we must no longer allow the mud-slinging of the President, as well as the attempts to discredit him personally and politically, because it’s not just an attack on him, but on all of us. That is why we must not stay silent anymore. Enough of insults and humiliations. You can’t do it anymore, we won’t allow it.”

This is how a Swedish businessman, donor and humanitarian of Montenegrin origin, Mr Veselin Mijač, started his interview with Dnevne Novine daily. Mr Mijač owns Savana, Ramada Hotel, Mall of Montenegro and Europoint building in the capital, Podgorica.

Mr Mijač is also the President of the first Montenegrin Association in Sweden called ‘Sloga’, whose headquarters are in Stockholm. Along with Mr Hajriz Brčvak, he is the founder of the humanitarian foundation “Diaspora of Montenegro” in New York, whose mission is to include all people of good will to help the state of Montenegro with various projects, while ensuring initial capital for the work of the Foundation.

This businessman helped the prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus by donating €100.000. The Montenegrin public also remembers that Mr Mijač donated €180.000 for the renovation of ‘Milorad Musa Burzan’ elementary school in Podgorica, as he used to be its pupil before leaving for Sweden with his parents. In an interview with Dnevne Novine daily, he doesn’t hide he’s indignant at the events following August 30 and the weak response of institutions and intellectuals, but still believes that the period of awakening has just begun.

On the recent events in the Montenegrin parliament and primitive and vulgar statements referring to President Đukanović, Mr Mijač noted: “I watched the parliamentary session, listened to the primitive and vulgar words addressed to the President of the state to whom Montenegro and its citizens should erect a monument because of everything he did following the restoration of independence – turning it to the Western values, NATO membership and soon, I believe, the EU. People who have been fighting for the interests of other countries are now trying to discredit and humiliate him. We all know how these people are called in Montenegro and in any other country – traitors.

As a man well aware of the weaknesses of the previous government, but its merits as well, and the historical role of Mr Đukanović, it was really more than painful for me to watch and listen to the insults of Mr Nebojša Medojević – the Democratic Front MP convicted of a coup attempt – and the hysteria and hatred of Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Dritan Abazović, for his political opponents.”

Commenting on the fact that the largest part of the new parliamentary majority is not satisfied with conquering power as long as President Đukanović is running the country and that they are running a campaign against him, the Swedish businessman told: “Enough of it. We won’t allow it. There are many of us who are ready to back Mr Đukanović more than ever before, to follow his path, to finally thank for everything he has done for Montenegro. Believe me, there are more of us every day. What Mr Milo Đukanović did for Montenegro and what Montenegro is going to face without him was never more obvious than in the past three months. That’s why I say – enough of mud-slinging.”

On numerous reactions that may bring discredit on him after this interview, he said: “So what! I’m not afraid of them. I’m not afraid of anything or anyone. I came to Sweden as a 14-year-old boy and honestly earned every penny, respecting the laws of the state in which my business operations bloomed. All my projects in Montenegro are being implemented in line with laws of Montenegro. I helped as much as I could, and didn’t do anything bad to anyone. Therefore, I’m not afraid of either God’s or earthly laws.”

Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga
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