Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga

If we remember the VDT and consequently the SDT is an institute that was incorporated into the Constitution of Montenegro by constitutional changes under EU pressure. At that time, Montenegro received, in addition to the legislative, executive and judicial authorities, a fourth branch, which is the prosecutor’s office. The practice is unknown in democratic countries with which we strive to be in company, but here, Montenegro is a nice field for experimentation, the NGO Montenegro international announced.

The rest of the press release is transmitted in its entirety:

Did you know that the vote of a forty-one MP is enough for the fall of the government? And did you know that a two-thirds or three-fifths majority of deputies is needed to appoint a VDT / SDT? So the government falls from 41, the VDT / SDT from 54 and as a “unblocking mechanism” it takes 49 deputies to dismiss or appoint the VDT / SDT.


October 2014 – “Judge of the Supreme Court, Ivica Stanković, was elected the new Supreme State Prosecutor (VDT) at the parliamentary session. Stankovic was supported by 49 deputies in a secret ballot, ie three-fifths of them, which was enough to state his election.”

June 10, 2021 – “Burić elected as a new acting VDT, Stankovic retired”.

Today we have an acting VDT, which means an unsolvable situation because in this distribution of political forces one can expect anything and everything, except that the missing eight deputies “fly over” and vote for the proposal of the government or opposition and thus the VDT- in much-needed and lacking legitimacy.

The SDT, which is today Katnić (appointed in 2015), is elected by the Prosecutorial Council in the Solomon legal solution, at the proposal of the VDT. Pay attention – “at the suggestion of VDT” and not “acting VDT”. And while we play the violin who is right, who is legitimate and who is not, whether the law is stronger than the Constitution and whether positive practice is one thing, and solutions at home another, the fourth branch of government is under blockade and working in an undefined status. When one branch of government is under blockade, then the entire constitutional system is in question.

If you don’t believe, ask lawyers. A joke says that if one problem is interpreted by two lawyers, you will get three opinions. It is not our intention to provoke the anger of lawyers because of this joke, but we laymen are wondering where they were when such a Solomonic-idiotic solution was enshrined in the Constitution of Montenegro.

Let us remind ourselves, in 2013, Montenegro amended the VDT with the amendment solution to the Constitution, and under pressure from the EU (and who else), with which we have a problem today.

“With the reform of the Constitution from 2013, the way of electing the VDT, which requires a two-thirds or three-fifths majority in the parliament, made the election difficult, but it conditioned the opposition to be included in the election of the person with the greatest responsibility for establishing rule of law”, is the lament of an activist from the NGO sector who is silent today about all events in the country.


On May 14, 2021, the media reported that a case had been opened in the Special State Prosecutor’s Office on the basis of a criminal complaint filed by the NGO Montenegro International against the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and Bishop Joanikije for allegedly covering up cases of pedophilia within the Serbian Orthodox Church, alleged cases of subjugation of minors in the Cetinje Monastery and the Dajbabe Monastery.

So, in front of the eyes of the EU emissaries, the Ambassador and the entire public, in the shelf near Milivoje Katnić, there is a case that the SDT initiated on the basis of the MI report. While Joanikije is landing by helicopter on Cetinje in clouds of tears, with his companion Porfirije, EU emissaries and not only them, welcome the professional action of the police. At the same time, ignoring the fact that a man, sorry a priest, is coming by helicopter, against whom the trial in the SDT has started because of the accusations that horrify the entire civilized world?

Milivoje is wisely silent, we see that he is starting to lick with the one and only first baton of Montenegro, better known as “Masala baton Dritan Efendija.” Milivoje is in a position to trade, Milivoje is also in a position to DO HIS JOB. But Milivoje will not do his job. He is silent, he does not call witnesses to the misdeeds of priest Joanikije of Helicopter-Tear Gas. No, Milivoje is wisely silent, EU emissaries, Ambassadors and not only them are silent with him.

“Milivoje, Milivoje, you are on duty, everything is yours,

The bell rings on the alarm, you are DSZ and ONO… ”

Says one rock song from a long time ago. And you, Excellencies, have come with due respect: You have tied this knot, now you are untying it!

Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga
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