NGO Montenegro International submitted to the Supreme and Special State Prosecutor’s Office evidence of a number of persons registered in the voter list for the Municipality of Niksic and the voter list of the state of Serbia, with a request to process and initiate the procedure of revoking Montenegrin citizenship.

In addition to the previous criminal complaints, criminal prosecution of citizens of Serbia and other countries who will vote in tomorrow’s elections in Niksic, as well as those responsible in the Ministry of Internal Affairs for registering the voter list and the list of Montenegrin citizens, is requested.

“We remind you of the request from the previous criminal complaint to request information from the border police on all persons who entered the territory of Montenegro in the past 45 days and to check whether these persons are on the voter list for the municipality of Niksic and voter list of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to prosecute, in accordance with the law, persons who voted without the right to do so, as well as all officials who allowed violations of the law and interference in the election process in Niksic. Also, for all persons found to have violated the Law on the Voter List and the Law on Montenegrin Citizenship, we demand the revocation of Montenegrin citizenship and the initiation of proceedings against officials in the Ministry of Interior who allowed that and did not act in accordance with official duty” it is stated in the complaint.

Along with the amedment to the complaint, data from the voter list of Serbia, which are publicly available on the Internet against the following persons who are on the voter list for the Municipality of Nikšić, were submitted:


We remind that the entire family of Bogoljub Sijakovic, a former minister in the Government of Serbia, is included in the voter list for voting in the elections in Niksic.

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