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MI LETTER TO THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY: Situation in Montenegro catastrophic, situation like in Bosnia just before the civil war

MI PISALA MEĐUNARODNOJ ZAJEDNICI: Situacija u Crnoj Gori kao u Bosni neposredno prije početka građanskog rata

ALEKSANDAR VULIN O “SRPSKOM SVETU”: “Svi Srbi će živjeti u istoj državi, ako to mogu Nijemci koji su pokrenuli dva svjetska rata, zašto ne bismo mogli i mi?!”

Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga

NGO Montenegro International today informed the international community about the latest developments in Montenegro.


Embassies in Podgorica
European Commission
European Parliament
European Council
NATO headquarters
Presidents of NATO member states
US administration
International organizations

Podgorica April 8th, 2021

Dear Sir/Madam,

As we have previously informed you, beside criminal attacks on many basic human rights guaranteed by all international conventions and clerical fascism of society by the Government representatives and the ruling parties, the most recent attempt of ethnical engineering which will make changes of around 20% of voters in the voter list – by enabling temporary residents from Serbia and Republic of Srpska to get voting right and taking away voting right to all residents of Montenegro who are temporary working abroad.

Decision to change the criteria for obtaining Montenegrin citizenship

Roman Jakič (@RomanJakic). Former Minister of Defense & MP/MEP; Chairman of the Liberal South East European Network stated:

„Does it mean that foreigners who came to Montenegro to work & live and have a temporary residence in Montenegro can vote in the elections, and citizens of Montenegro who are temporarily working abroad will no longer be able to?

Unusual! And such a change will not go through parliament? Which says so



This decision that was to be adopted today by the Government provoked protests across the country since the decision to change the criteria for obtaining Montenegrin citizenship is directly directed against the state and its vital interests aiming to realize goals of Aleksandar Vucic project „Serbian World“ (of which we have previously informed you).

A government driver ran over three pedestrians

After the announced protests for today at 11AM in front of the Parliament and the Government of Montenegro, the police blocked the exits from all cities, after which the protesters blocked the traffic with their vehicles.

An incident occurred at the exit from municipality of Nikšić when a vehicle of the Government of Montenegro ran over three protesters. According to eyewitnesses, the vehicle first hit a protester, injuring his hip, after which two protesters tried to stop him, and the driver gave the gas, heading directly at the protesters, as you can see in the media article, with photos and videos from places of place (

According to unofficial information, the vehicle was driven by Dražen Jeknić, while citizens state that the vehicle with registration plates PG CG 30 is used for the personal needs of the son and daughter of Prime Minister Krivokapić.

„The Serbian World“ in action

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that in Montenegro, by force, practically overnight, without any public participation, often contrary to the Constitution and the law, decisions are made, people are fired and activities are implemented in accordance with the Greater Serbia project called “Serbian World”. led to a bloody outcome of the crisis in the former Yugoslavia in the early 1990s.

Information about the activities of Aleksandar Vučić (and his party) and the Serbian Orthodox Church in the entire region also shows that the situation of classical fascism, which is reminiscent of the 1930s and Nazi Germany, is not just the case in Montenegro, but in Serbia and Republic of Srpska too.

We would like to draw your attention to the case of disappearance of Vladimir Cvijan, former member of the Presidency of the SNS (Aleksandar Vucic party), about whom a prominent journalist from Serbia, Milojko Pantic, speaks in his podcast.

Serbia as the main Russian tool for destabilization in the region

Serbia and its installed agencies in neighboring countries (like governments in Montenegro and Republica Srpska) are the main causes of destabilization in the region.

Situation in Western Balkans is deteriorating, and malignant Russian influence is every day more and more visible, through behavior official Serbia which became major hub of fake news, Russian propaganda, and intelligent Russian agents, and Serbia as such serves primarily as principal hub for destabilization of South East of Europe and broader Europe region on behalf of Russia. It’s primary tool in Montenegro for destabilization and for promotion of Serbian and Russian malignant influence is Serbian Orthodox Church and its political and media entities.

The same or similar behavior is spotted elsewhere in the Western Balkans region, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, where official Serbia via Republic of Srpska and it’s member of joint state presidency Milorad Dodik purposely abuse each presidency member’s veto power to block functioning of Bosnia and Herzegovina as functional state, to further use that “argument” as an argument that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a dysfunctional state and needs to fall apart, and Republic of Srpska to join Serbia.

Also Montenegro’s statehood suppose to be quietly erased and Montenegro to quietly join to future formed Greater Serbia! Destabilization of Kosovo is also visible, and Serbian authorities only are waiting for good opportunity to return Kosovo to Serbia by using military force. These developments will inevitable lead to new bloodshed in the Balkans and it’s time for the European Union, NATO and United States to step in and prevent it!

Yours truly,

NGO Montenegro International

Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga
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