Government of Mr Zdravko Krivokapić is weak, has support of only four or three MPs. It won’t have stable majority in the Parliament, Mr Nebojša Medojević, leader of the Movement for Changes, said at the press conference today.


“This government is very weak. It only has URA and is practically supported by four MPs, if there are four at all. Any legislative proposal will be subject to negotiations as the government hasn’t got stable majority”, Mr Medojević said.

He adds that the new government is a dangerous experiment.

He reiterated that Movement for Changes “will vote for the government on 2 December as it is their obligation to citizens”.

“We gave our word. We’ll vote for the government but we’ll see yet about the budget. Let’s see how prime minister-designate sees economic policy. Our support for the budget will depend on the relations of others in the political majority”, Mr Medojević said.

Mr Medojević urged the outgoing Government to state if there had been any arrangement with IMF.

”I demand the Government to answer if an arrangement with IMF has been made. What kind of arrangement it was, what are its basic elements and what does that savings program mean for the new government? The fact is that citizens will pay that program if the new government fails to take billions from Đukanović family and DPS tycoons”, Mr Medojević said today.

President of the Movement for Changes stated that he has his sources.

”Negotiations with IMF did take place but we don’t know if any agreement was reached”, Mr Medojević pointed out.

He said that tourism loss reached 90%.

“My predictions turned out to be correct. I think decline in economy will be higher than 20%”, Mr Medojević said.

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