If Mr Dritan Abazović found out that someone was offering him money in order to do something illegal, then he was obliged to report it to the competent authorities. Mr Abazović announced last night in ‘Načisto’ show that he was offered €21 million, but that it would be extremely unserious to say who offered what. Today, the Democratic People’s Party told Mr Abazović that they would ask him in the Parliament to clearly and loudly announce who offered him the money. Lawyer Nikola Martinović explains in a statement for CDM that Mr Abazović, risks criminal responsibility by not reporting that he was offered a bribe.


Mr Martinović explains that, according to the Criminal Code, it has been established that the person who offered the money has committed the criminal offense of giving a bribe.

The question is what kind of example Mr Abazović gives to the citizens, when he, as the future Deputy Prime Minister and now MP, does not report that he was offered a bribe.

In this case, Prosecutor’s Office should act ex officio.

As Mr Abazović currently has immunity, a permit for criminal prosecution under Article 247 of the Criminal Procedure Code must be obtained from the Parliament, because the law states: “When the law stipulates that the prosecution of certain persons and criminal offenses requires prior approval of the competent state body, the state prosecutor cannot issue an order to conduct an investigation or file an immediate indictment, unless it submits evidence that approval has been given.”

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