Chief Special Prosecutor, Mr Milivoje Katnić, said in a statement for Dan that he will investigate if there were attempts of political corruption in the case of Mr Dritan Abazović, Vice-president of the Government.


“Having regard to the fact that Mr Abazović stated that on Thursday, in the program of Mr Petar Komnenić, Special prosecutor’s office will take some actions to check these allegations. We don’t have that recording, but we will get it and then decide whether Mr Abazović will get an invitation to some to the prosecutor’s office in the capacity of a citizen and tell us what he knows. We will also take other activities to establish who offered him money, whether it’s political corruption or something else”, Mr Katnić said.

Leader of URA and vice-president of the Government, Mr Dritan Abazović, has said recently that the information that he was offered €21 million was true. However, he didn’t want to say who offered him that money.

Governing and opposition parties have reacted to these allegations, demanding him to say who offered him money.

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