Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga

­­­­­­­­­­­One of the founders of the darkest heresy of ethnophiletism of the 20th century in our region, which I wrote about in my book The Heresy of the Kosovo Myth, is Justin Popović, when the Serbs canonized him as a saint about 15 years ago. “Saint Sava’s nationalism”, which is a substitute for the original Orthodoxy, also offers a substitute for Christ, like His sacrifice is not enough for salvation, but more suffering and death is needed.

Source:, Written by Vladimir Lajović

Whoever knows and understands the Holy Scriptures a little deeper, knows that the word antichrist is taken from the Greek language αντίχριστος (antichrist) on which the New Testament was written, as well as the Revelation of John (Apocalypse), which literally means not only “against Christ”, but also “instead of Christ.”

And so, since the fall of 1/3 of heaven, that is, the angel of demons that the archangel Lucifer dragged with him, he is trying to replace the Son of God on the throne of God, to be equal to Him and to present Himself as Christ, that is, the Savior. Thus, the Antichrist will present himself as if he were Jesus himself, and from the outside he will seem to advocate Christianity, to fight for peace and the true faith, but he will offer himself as a replacement and his ideology as a replacement / supplement to the Gospel.

One of the founders of the darkest heresy of ethnophiletism of the 20th century in our region, which I wrote about in my book The Heresy of the Kosovo Myth, is Justin Popović, when the Serbs canonized him a saint about 15 years ago. “Saint Sava’s nationalism”, which is a substitute for the original Orthodoxy, also offers a substitute for Christ, like His sacrifice was not enough for salvation but we need more suffering and death. This heresy reached its peak between the two world wars, an extreme nationalist pseudo-religious construction of “blood and soil” was created, which advocated the idea of ​​Heavenly Serbia, based on the principle “one people, one state and one religion / church”. That nationalist ideology must have its αντίχριστος, so Nikolaj Velimirović, Justin Popović and the whole constellation of “theologians” who study in Belgrade, for decades from Saint Sava (Rastko Nemanjić*) create a deity, a substitute for Christ, and attribute to me the role, ideas and words that he never uttered or advocated for his life.

The audio archives (un) fortunately preserved some of the recordings of these “sermons” of this dark ideologue of “sainthood”, which brutally testify to these attempts to make Saint Sava a deity, as substitute of our Lord Jesus Christ, because I guess His Gospel is not enough and not suitable for the creation of “holy Serbs”.

In the video below, you can hear the entire sermon on Saint Sava day on January 27th  (according to the new calendar) in 1966 in the monastery Ćelija near Valjevo. To complete the scenography, all this is happening at the peak of the power of the communist regime of SFRY, which shows the way in which the ideas of “Saint Sava’s nationalism” survived and nurtured under the auspices of the Serbian Orthodox Church and outlived Tito and his rule. How they then manifested themselves in their fullness in the mid-80s, the SANU memorandum, the promotion of Jusin’s students to bishops, and how to this day through the fictional cult of St. Sava, the canonization of Nikolai Velimirovic and Justin Popovic and similar “saints” of the 20th century, capture the minds of unbelievers throughout the former Yugoslavia and especially in Montenegro. How did this evil originate and how did this extreme religious nationalism and heresy called “sainthood” spread in monasteries and temple gates?

But let’s comment on some parts of this sermon, which is skillfully packaged in the usual Orthodox narrative with the skill of a speaker, in order to swallow those nationalist ideas more easily and sink deep into the collective unconscious of that unfortunate Serbian people.

Justin asks himself, with drama in his voice: “And when is there, if there is no Christ God, if there is no Saint Sava?” And then the blasphemy starts: “The cross and Saint Sava crucified on it, and his sad and sad voice hums, his voice that is heard from the earth to the sky: Lord, forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing!”

So already at the beginning of the sermon, Justin brings the listeners a picture of the crucified Rastko on a cross (although it is known that St. Sava is not a martyr, nor did he suffer a martyr’s death, nor did anyone ever have a problem with what St. Sava wrote) and presents him as Jesus Christ, putting in his mouth the last words of the Lord that he uttered before he died on Golgotha.

Then he speaks the words quite vaguely, leaving a dilemma whether he is talking about Sava or as if Sava is talking about Christ: “They left you, the only meaning of all worlds, they left you who give us Eternal Life, they left you who give us Eternal Justice” but the dilemma is removed at the end of that thought when Justin says “and your descendants have gone, for whom? For people without God! ” Doesn’t he think that Christ had descendants? He thinks of the Serbs, the descendants of Nemanjić, because from the beginning to the end of the sermon, he talks about Serbs and Heavenly Serbia, and wonders where the real Serbs are. Because Sainthood teaches that “a Serb is not baptized / a communist does not exist”, that a Serb is an expression for an Orthodox. That political Orthodoxy was also taught for decades by his students Artemije, Atanasija and Amfilohije…

Then he continues, “Saint Sava was crucified on the cross, deeply sad. Monasticism gave him everything, monasticism made him a Saint, monasticism made him an Enlightener. The Holy Mountain and the holy monks brought up Saint Sava and gave him all the riches of heaven and the Serbs are now leaving that Saint Sava path, they have left the monastic path. Empty Serbian monasteries, one or two monks each? And you send your children to schools, to universities. It’s good sometimes too. But think of your soul and their soul. Who will protect the soul of the Serbian people”?  Serbs set out for culture, for European civilization, for European fashion. O Serbian corpses”!

People in Montenegro are wondering how the Middle Ages ruled, after the victory of the Lithuanian movement in the elections, and where did this world with these retrograde values come from. Well, here’s where, he never came out of the basement of the Serbian Orthodox Church for a full century.

But I am writing all this because of the words with which Justin ends this blasphemous sermon on St. Sava, with that exaltation “Today all Heaven, Holy Apostles, Holy Prophets, Martyrs, Confessors glorify Saint Sava.” What a scandal, God does not give his glory to anyone, the whole Heavens of Saint Sava do not celebrate, but Christ! Because everything was created through Christ and for Christ’s sake.

And then the part about Heavenly Serbia

“Today, God himself embraces Saint Sava, the greatest and holiest Serb, the most lovely and dearest Serbian child of Rastko!” And he kneels and cries. He cries over the unhappy Serbian family; he cries over earthly Serbia. All of Heavenly Serbia celebrates Saint Sava, and you unfortunate Serbs have forgotten all of him on earth. “

The only thing we see is that the Lord Jesus Christ himself weeps over Justin Popovic and that deluded “Heavenly Serbia” which, trapped by the darkness of Saint Sava’s ethnophiletism and religious hatred, persecutes everyone who is not a Serb and Saint, creates a climate of constant conflicts, unrest and fear and bring the Antichrist to power and who will carry out terror on dissidents on similar ideas, all in the name of some “sainthood”, “holy Serbs”, “holy Serbian lands” and “Heavenly Serbia”, for which there is no basis in the Holy Scriptures or tradition and canons of the holy fathers of the Orthodox Church, not a single word written by Saint Sava, and some 153 pages of manuscripts have been preserved, which everyone can check and confirm that Justin Popović and all who follow him are apostates who seduced the people and made from Serbian nationalism a new religion.

Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga
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