Response to the Bureau for Operational Coordination of the Government of Montenegro
Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga

Source: Pobjeda

It seemed quite serious when a collective body reacted to the text from Pobjeda. And with such a resounding name – the Bureau for Operational Coordination of the Government of Montenegro. And with such resounding titles, and the coordinator of all security services, then the director of the ANB, then the director of the Police Administration…

Then they warn even more seriously, allegedly for the sake of “truthfully informing the public”, that the allegations from the Pobjeda text that “joint activities of the security services of Montenegro and the Republic of Serbia on the occasion of the enthronement of Metropolitan Jonikije” are incorrect, and that, in the end, appealed “to the media not to raise tensions with inaccurate information”. All that was left was to quote that Moša`s – “stop this Reuters”, in the case of Pobjeda.

Some real trouble (I don’t mean Velja Nevolja aka Belivuk) must have made the Bureau announce itself in Pobjeda. I guess: after our text, awkward questions from our Western allies must have been arisen. I’m guessing: that’s probably why they had to announce themselves.

It is better that they are not, not because of Pobjeda, but because of the reputation of the bodies they represent.

First of all, the Bureau denies what is not written in the text. If they had actually read at least the lead and the next two paragraphs during the joint reading endeavor, they would have seen that it was not written there that “joint activities of the security services of Montenegro and the Republic of Serbia are underway.”

No, it is very precise – I will be a little boastful, don’t mind – it was pointed out: “Experts from ‘Cobra’, a detachment of the military police of the Serbian Army, arrived in Montenegro to inspect the field, together with BIA agents and the ANB leadership and give a final assessment of the security risk in the event that the enthronement of the Metropolitan of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro takes place on September 5 in Cetinje.

So: there are no “joint activities”, but it is emphasized – the top of the ANB. With good reason: it is written in the text that the director of the ANB, Dejan Vukšić, personally, but also through his chief Boban Stanović, agreed on several occasions in Belgrade to cooperate with the leaders of the BIA. It was also noted that Belgrade boasts that now, with the new government, they have finally started exchanging data, even though the ANB is under the auspices of the NATO security umbrella, and the BIA is the proxy of the Russian service.

I am afraid that someone from the Bureau for Operational Coordination is seriously underestimating the sources of the Pobjeda. Or, perhaps, you have not zealously combed the messages I receive from M:tel or you do not know how to think analytically. If you had done the job properly, you would not have put yourself in an awkward position.

You asked for it yourself, so I will specify: more members of “Cobra” have been in Montenegro for more than a week. I do not intend to go into details because people are not criminals, but in order to confirm that information, I will only state that two of them graduated from the Military Academy in Belgrade in 2002 and 2003. And they were in Cetinje.

Accurate information about BIA agents was also checked, whose presence in Montenegro is more numerous than the seven members I mentioned in the text “Cobra and BIA will give a risk assessment”. To repeat, seven were in Cetinje on August 22. And to expand the information, BIA agents have been operating in Montenegro for a long time, just as Vukšić has been receiving data from BIA for a long time, which these agents collected while working on Montenegrin territory.

Maybe that’s why you, so subtly, failed to deny the presence of BIA agents, right?

And again, if some close cooperation with the BIA has been agreed, it would be good for our NATO partners to find out. Not to be surprised, like when – probably due to a banal mistake – the director of the ANB gave the members of the Committee for Security and Defense of the Assembly what should not be done: names and surnames of CIA operatives who legally work in Montenegro. Who knows, maybe you also wanted them not to be totally disappointed, as when they learned with astonishment that the young coordinator of all security services, Dritan Abazović, relaxed in Podgorica, hosted and paid for accommodation to the third-class spy Simijanović.

To conclude: the denial of the Bureau for Operational Coordination is the best confirmation of the writing of our paper. And, unfortunately, proof that the security system has been completely destroyed.

It may be tense for everyone, but it is not Pobjeda that raises tensions. Paradoxically, but realistically: knowing the professional reputation of the team from “Cobra”, the information about their presence is a kind of humiliation for Montenegro, a NATO member. But there may be good news in this situation – they will be better than trained political experts from the Bureau to give an assessment of the real risk.

The information published by Pobjeda may be of public interest and it is not our wish, nor is it in our interest, to disrupt the work of the security sector. But we do not want to be silent when facts that may be relevant need to be made public.

Pobjeda journalists are ready, and they are doing it day by day, to work to help Abazović, Vukšić, who are willing and ready, as he stated yesterday, to protect the national interests of Montenegro.

Here, for that purpose, I will make a personal contribution, I will not break the law and I will publish for the Bureau top-confidential-exclusive information: if you are interested in finding out who organizes the transport of believers to the enthronement of Joanikije, call the following numbers – 069 664 708 and 067 824 068. and through Viber. And there is no trouble, there is no information from wiretapped conversations, nor from “Cobra”, BIA or, God forbid, CIA. These are the service numbers of the Kosijerevo Monastery, from Facebook. They say that the enthronement will surely be in Cetinje.

Also, if you are interested in who could create a problem in Cetinje along the lines of violent extremism, go to Facebook again. You will be surprised, it is not “Montenegrin violent extremism” that you deal with intensively. It is vulgar and disgusting, but it should be noted just before September 5: ,, … Serbs will fuck your mother again like in 1918 I fuck you all your in the world of the Balias (Muslims pejorative), Komitas, Ustashas and the hodja and the mosque you pray to if someone doesn’t get hurt on the fifth day of September, I consider it my biggest defeat…” There are still dozens of such posts, they do not hide.

Award questions for Dejan Vukšić, director of the ANB, former holder of the Kotor list “For the Future of Montenegro”, but also the entire composition of the Bureau for Operational Coordination: a) do you think that such posts as this man who is a member of “Chetnik Youth of Tivat” mean calming down the tensions or are they a danger to order and peace in Montenegro? b) If the announcements of violent extremism are a classic example, why don’t the ANB or the Cybercrime Department of the Police Directorate react to such announcements, what should they do ex officio?

I do not expect answers, it would be good for you to start doing your job, and not in vain denials and threats from government positions. I mean – you should be a Bureau, not an Infobiro.

Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga
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