Minister of Health, Dr Jelena Borovinić-Bojović caused a scandal today with the document about new coronavirus measures by marking Kosovo with asterisk, although Montenegro recognized Kosovo as an independent state.


In official documents of Montenegro, Kosovo is not marked with asterisk. An asterisk is used under special circumstances if Serbia insists on it during official meetings of heads of countries, attended by a representative of Kosovo.

Montenegro recognized independence of Kosovo in 2008. The highest Montenegrin officials have paid an official visit to Kosovo.

An asterisk with a footnote is used when the caption does not prejudice Kosovo’s status and is in accordance with the UN Resolution 1244 and the Opinion of the International Court of Justice in the Hague on the Kosovo Independence Declaration.

In the official EU documents, such as annual reports on Kosovo or the latest Strategy of the WB enlargement, Kosovo is marked with an asterisk, but in statements made by European officials or in media reporting asterisk is not used.

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