For the election of MPs, a total of €2.36 billion was earmarked from public funds, while total costs presented in the reports were €4.245.817, Report of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption states.


The most interesting part of the report refers to media reporting. Coalition ‘For the future of Montenegro’ gave almost €1 million for the campaign to portals, TV stations and press media.

The analysis of the Agency doesn’t provide accurate data about what media received money and how much.

According to the data, coalition ‘For the future of Montenegro’ spent €718.000 for advertising on TV stations, €109.000 for banners and €44.000 for internet advertisement. Advertisement costs on radio stations cost €7.000 and press media took €72.000.

DPS spent considerably less money for media advertising, earmarking €261.000 for advertisements on TV stations, €127.000 for Internet advertisement, €28.000 for press media.

Peace is our nation coalition spent €285.000 for media advertisement.

Cumulative costs

Costs for pre-election assemblies amounted to €140.982.

Costs for advertisements and propaganda material were €846.560.

Costs for Internet advertisements were €357.517.


For the presentation of election program, political subjects used banners and advertisements on web portals and spent a total of €202.823,47.

Coalition ‘For the Future of Montenegro’ spent the most – €109.391,33.

Political subjects spent €158.995,84 for press media.

For advertising and presenting on TV stations, political subjects earmarked €1.359.324.

For advertising and presenting election program on radio stations, political subjects reported a cost of €63.686,97.

Costs for the public opinion study were €43.019,77.


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