Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga

President of Montenegro, Mr Milo Đukanović, said that nationalist opposition and Serbian Orthodox Church strive to turn Montenegro into Serbian state. In Pressing TV show, Mr Đukanović said that he would oppose anyone “who attempts to jeopardize Montenegro and our freedom”. He said he would not resign.

Source: CdM

“I’ve already answered to that question. Of course I won’t resign. These elections were parliamentary elections and DPS, the party I lead, remained the strongest parliamentary party in Montenegro, with over 35% of voters’ support. These elections were not about the president of Montenegro”, Mr Đukanović said.

On 15 April 2018, Mr Đukanović had 54% of voters’ support. He has very firm intention to be in office until the end of his term.

He pointed out that there was no mention of any failure.

What happened was not a failure

“It was not a failure. After 30 years in power, DPS won one seat less. We can really state that it was not an unworthy outcome for the pro-European policy in Montenegro. It was just something that usually happens in democratic societies”, Mr Đukanović said.

Montenegro aspires to be a democratic society, president says.

“As you have probably noticed, the majority of those who are parliamentary majority now were advocating policy which is essentially in contravention of the achievements of modern Montenegro. They were saying that the problem arose when Montenegro restored its independence and that it rendered some decisions which were, as they say, in contravention of the Russian interests in the Balkans and that their victory in the elections would change strategic course of Montenegro”, Mr Đukanović pointed out.

I can’t wait to hear what Knežević has to say to judicial bodies

Speaking of Mr Duško Knežević, president said that we were talking about the man who he had several indictments in the Special Prosecutors’ Office in Montenegro, was subject of Interpol notice until 10 or 15 days ago and was under strict supervision in London.

“As you know, authorities in London prohibited him to approach airports and railway stations”, he said.

Procedure for his extradition to MNE is underway but still he gives himself right to express views and say that either he or official head of the state of Montenegro will be arrested when he comes back to Montenegro.

“My answer is: I can’t wait for him to do everything he intends, because, I will repeat it, we are talking about a fugitive, a criminal. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say to judicial authorities in Montenegro. And then it won’t be hard to guess who will be in jail and who will continue to perform public functions in Montenegro”, Mr Đukanović pointed out.

Mr Đukanović said loud and clear that he was not afraid of criminal charges.

“I have been performing public functions in Montenegro for more than 30 years. I have always had very strong competition, and I’d say I have been target of very inappropriate critics by the competition. I have been often accused by regional addresses, usually Belgrade and also by pro-Belgrade opposition in Montenegro. I am not afraid because I know how I did my job and I know that I have always tried to respect constitutional and legal system of Montenegro”, he said.

His status, president said, depends on what he has done for Montenegro so far and, therefore, there’s no place for fear.

“I firmly believe this is just harsh, ungrounded political rhetoric aimed at making electorate reserved towards political structure I represented”, Mr Đukanović pointed out.

Krivokapić belongs to the structure that is trying to relativize Montenegro’s anti-fascist values

Asked if he thinks that 13 July Uprising in 1941 was a parliamentary response to those who tried to jeopardize country’s freedom from the position of fascism, Mr Đukanović replied ‘no’.

“No, of course not. I don’t believe that will ever happen. I believe that we will get the chance to hold talks over the direction and dynamics of Montenegro’s goals, but since you asked me, If change of government led to endangerment of Montenegro’s status, then my answer is as you have interpreted it. We will fight against that by any means necessary”, Mr Đukanović said.

Commenting on statement made by Mr Zdravko Krivokapić that 9 May shouldn’t be celebrated anymore, Mr Đukanović says that he was not very surprised because he knows that Mr Krivokapić essentially represents a structure that has been trying to relativize Montenegro’s anti-fascist values for 30 years.

“By his own admission, Mr Krivokapić is representative of SOC, which came to Montenegro with the intention of reconciling Montenegro. In their interpretation, reconciling means eliminating differences between what anti-fascist did for Montenegro and what collaborators of fascist occupier did”, he said.

Mr Đukanović says that Montenegro is very proud of its anti-fascist achievements.

SOC is the main fist of the Great Serbian nationalism

Mr Đukanović says that fundamental idea of the policy of nationalist opposition and SOC is turning Montenegro into Serbian state.

“SOC wanted to divert Montenegro from these values. That policy insists that Montenegro is Serbian state, that it had to be within the frames of strategic security and foreign policy interests of Russia. The rhetoric of that policy insisted that NATO alliance is actually the Fourth Reich and that European civilization is the civilization of rotten values”, Mr Đukanović said.

Therefore, it is clear that SOC was the main fist of such policy in the pre-election campaign.

Montenegro president said tonight that we were witnessing attempts of rehabilitation of Great Serbian projects in the Western Balkans.

Mr Đukanović says that he has never had any business or other interests with president Vučić or any other official.

Did Mr Đukanović surrender? Not at all.

Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga
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