Montenegro’s President, Mr Milo Đukanović, said he “firmly believes that new president of the USA, Mr Joe Biden, will renew broken transatlantic ties.

“I’m not saying that only on the basis of the messages I heard after the elections. For all these years, I have had the opportunity to talk to Biden and see how committed he is to transatlantic cooperation and European problems, respecting Europe as one of the US most important partners. I also talked with Biden about WB many times”, Mr Đukanović said.

He pointed out the world “needs NATO”.

“I believe that the forthcoming period will be a period of the restoration of trust among transatlantic partners and that the NATO prestige will be improved on the global scene. That’s encouraging for Europe and for the WB”, Mr Đukanović said.

Mr Đukanović and Mr Abazović (Photo: Twitter)

He said that 2030 had already been marked as the border year.

“I am very optimistic and I believe we can achieve our strategic goals in the next ten years. I don’t know if we will be EU member by then, I have never talked about dates”, Mr Đukanović said.

He pointed out that MNE had to develop and continue serious reforms.

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