The DPS councilors left today the sitting of the Budva Municipal Assembly after which councilors of the Democratic Front, DF, attacked them. A serious incident might have happened, but the security guards of the municipal assembly prevented it.


“A conflict happened in the hall, between councilor, Mr Ivo Gvozdenović, and acting director of the Public Utility Company in Budva, Mr Predrag Ivanović. The DF councilors then went out and separated them. Security guards prevented a physical confrontation,” the Vijesti portal published.

CdM analyst, Mr Ljubo Filipović, reacted, stating that insulting and belittling people on the streets of Budva never cease to happen.

“Today’s scenes from the Municipality of Budva destroy human dignity and everyone who stays silent about them is an accomplice in the fact that some people will feel desperate and pushed against the wall. Such a situation hasn’t brought anyone any good. Congratulations to the people who intervened today and stood in defense of those who were attacked”, Mr Filipović underlined.

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