A special team of NATO Office of Security has been in Podgorica since yesterday with the intention of making sure whether the Montenegrin security sector implements measures to protect classified information and whether there has been a breach of security protocol in permits for access to classified information, Pobjeda learns from several diplomatic sources.

NATO team experts visited the Ministry of Defense yesterday and talked to Minister Olivera Injac and the director of the Intelligence and Security Directorate Aleksandar Šaranović. A bit later, they met with the Deputy PM and coordinator of all security services, Mr Dritan Abazović.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Defense didn’t respond to Pobjeda’s question about the experts’ visit, which wasn’t announced in public.

According to Pobjeda, the Alliance Security Sector experts are to visit the Directorate for the Protection of Classified Information, which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Defense, as well as the National Security Agency (ANB) and talk to the acting ANB director Dejan Vukšić.

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