Everything has been known about pedophilia and sexual abuse in the Serbian Orthodox Church for years, but it is being covered up.
Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga

Writes: Jelena Diković, Source: Aktuelno

Everything has been known about pedophilia and sexual abuse in the Serbian Orthodox Church for years, but it is being covered up.

Almost the entire public in Serbia is silent, all competent institutions are silent. One of the greatest atrocities and shame that has befallen our country is being ignored. Abusers are being protected, evidence, a pile of materials, videos are being pushed under the carpet… The victims have been left, forgotten, almost no one cares about them.

And why would the church take care of the victims? It is more important for church dignitaries to preserve their positions, to drive Audi, to have all the privileges, to enjoy privileges, to live in villas, and not, like us, ordinary mortals, to fight to feed their families…

However, not everyone is silent. The loudest is former deacon Bojan Jovanović, who has been pointing out pedophilia for years. Kačavenda sexually harassed him and asked him to cheat on his boys. There are also some media, such as Danas, but unfortunately that is not enough to bring Kacavenda, Pahomije and other abusers hidden under church mantles to justice. The determination of the state is needed. But which countries? Serbia has not been a state for a long time. It is run by a corrupt and criminal group of people and those who support the government, such as the church, and helpless citizens generally do not have the strength to fight against the downfall of a society, because they look at how to survive from month to month.

Bojan Jovanović is not giving up, and he will not give up. In order to point out pedophilia and sexual abuse, he reached London, Brussels, Washington, and raised the region, because in Serbia he is ignored or claimed to be lying. With the help of Montenegro International, Bojan recently published the book “Confession How We Betrayed God”, in which he accuses church dignitaries, from Bishop Joanikije and Patriarch Porfirije, of covering up cases of pedophilia in the Serbian Orthodox Church.

The most famous cases are Kačavenda and Pahomije, but they are not the only ones. Just remember the 19-year-old theologian Milić Blažanović, who passed away in 1999, and whose death his mother blames Kačavenda for years. As far as Montenegro is concerned, there are cases of bribing minors in the Cetinje Monastery and the Dajbabe Monastery.

Believe me, Bojan Jovanović has all the evidence, but Aleksandar Vučić and his regime and people from the Serbian Orthodox Church will not even listen to him because they are all connected as guts and it is not in their interest to talk about sexual abuse and pedophilia at all, nor the abusers to be processed.

Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga
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