Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga

After yesterday’s URA’s criminal attack on persons originally registered as founders of our NGO, we inform the public that our NGO has over 180 members from Montenegro and the diaspora who are divided into over 10 teams in different areas and that the organization is managed (between the two sessions of the Assembly) by a 7 members Steering committee.

URA’s leader Dritan Abazović, who is Vice President of the Government and coordinator of all security services in the country (responsible for leaking sensitive NATO data), yesterday drew targets even to persons who are no longer members of our NGO, such as Jason Gold, Komsa Prijić, Aleksandra Radoman Kovačević and Vesko Karadžić.

On December 28th 2020, NGO Montenegro International held an Assembly session, that made decision about the statutory changes and adopted resignation decision of some of the founding members. All documentation, together with requested deletion from membership and the list of founders have been provided to the Ministry of Public Administration of Digital Society and Media on January 4th, 2021.

Drawing the target to NGO Montenegro International and persons who are or are no longer members of our organization, as well as threats with criminal charges by this political group that violates all democratic principles of modern Western civilization, Montenegro Constitution and the laws, and works for Serbian and Russian interests by trying to destroy not only the safety and security of Montenegrin citizens, but also the NATO security system and procedures, will not intimidate anyone in Montenegro, especially not those who are members of NGO Montenegro International.

URA’s leadership forgets that it is no longer part of the opposition, but one of the ruling parties, responsible for stability in the country and security of Montenegrin citizens, to whom it directly or indirectly draws targets, like all fascist organizations did aiming to establish a totalitarian system in a society. This kind of behavior of a political party is a precedent in the history of Montenegro and we see it only in the activities of their political mentor Aleksandar Vučić, in neighboring Serbia.

Drawing the target did not stop by writing yesterday’s press release, but it continued by using photos from private Facebook profiles of people who have or no longer have a connection with Montenegro International.

Among the persons targeted by this political organization there are citizens of United States, United Kingdom and Canada, in addition to Montenegro, and thus we ask for protection of our basic human rights.

We remind, both national and international community that Montenegro International has filed several criminal charges with the Special State Prosecutor’s Office against certain members of the Government for the most serious crimes against the constitutional order of the state of Montenegro, for which they might face charges for up to 15 years of prison.

We expect attacks to be continued by those persons and their political groups, that face serious criminal charges for violating the Constitution and laws, as well as security order and stability in the country.

Thanks to more than 80 members of our NGO from the diaspora, the activities of Montenegro International will not be stopped even in case of physical attacks and arrests of Montenegrin members of our organization!

You can find bellow original URA’s translated into English and printscreens from their website and Facebook page:

❗ From fascist Mirna Nikčević to columnist of the criminal portal “Aktuelno” For months, the people in the photo whose ideology is protection of crimes of the former regime and fascist values, gathered and hidden behind NGO “Montenegro International”, have declared themselves as protectors of the state and its interests. But, despite the attempt to hide their names and ideologies, it became clear from yesterday who they are 👉 (English translation of URA’s Facebook page)
URA’s website

URA: NGO Montenegro International is a farce led by Mirna Nikčević, her work is meaningless

“The NGO Montenegro International is just a farce, behind which mostly obscure and compromised people are aware that they do not have the luxury of signing statements, which they try to discredit every free-thinking citizen of Montenegro, with their name and surname,” said the Civic Movement URA.

The party said that, researching the work of the recently formed NGO Montenegro International, they found out that behind that non-governmental organization are personalities who are already recognized in the public life of Montenegro by discriminatory attitudes bordering on fascism.

“Namely, Mirna Nikčević, Jason Gold, Komsa Prijic, Vesko Karadžić, Savić Rašović, Aleksandra Radoman Kovačević, Anto Janković and Predrag Marković are among the founders of that NGO, from publicly available information from the Ministry of Public Administration, Digital Society and Media. It is indicative that, in the public registers, they are subscribed to the highest level of protection, so that the public would not find out who is behind the mentioned NGO”, states URA.

From that party, they pointed out that each of the founders of the NGO Montenegro International marked their public appearances and political engagement with controversies.

“In only one of her scandalous speeches, the former advisor to the Montenegrin ambassador to Turkey, Mirna Nikčević, told a part of the citizens on social networks that she would” set them on fire “only because of her religious affiliation. There is no need to talk further about its credibility. The other founder, Vesko Karadzic, was a branch of politics personified by Vuk Draskovic. Ante Janković is known for writing columns for the second-rate portal in which he fiercely defends the interests of the former regime. The rest, with their views expressed through numerous columns and texts for the media of the former regime, often encourage intolerance and division among the citizens of Montenegro. All this is easily verifiable via the Internet”, states URA.

The Civic Movement URA notes that it is paradoxical that such personalities, through their NGO activities, speak about patriotism and care for Montenegro.

“For months now, the mentioned NGO, together with other fighters of the former regime, has been targeting the URA on a daily basis, calling all its members traitors to the state, and also using false information, which we hope will be held accountable before the competent authorities.” In addition, it should be noted that almost all the founders of the NGO Montenegro International reside and live outside the borders of Montenegro, while at the same time raising tensions in it, bearing almost no responsibility for it. Due to all the above, it is absurd to see the founders and members of the NGO Montenegro International as sincere fighters for the future of Montenegro”, concluded URA.

Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga
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