It is not true that I was supposed to be the head of the cabinet of Prime Minister, Mr Zdravko Krivokapić, but by agreement with him, I got the position of advisor for internal policy. And it is not true that the professor informed me about that yesterday, Mr Željko Savović, functionary of the Real Montenegro, told CdM.

Speculations mounted in the public over the fact that Mr Savović was supposed to be the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, but allegedly Mr Krivokapić changed that decision at the last moment and appointed Ms Ivana Malović. A certain Mr Petar Milatović Ostroški claims that he asked the Prime Minister not to appoint Mr Savović as the head of the cabinet whose father, in 1941, allegedly killed Mr Milatović’s grandmother and grandfather.

“I publicly thank Zdravko Krivokapić for accepting my suggestion in a telephone conversation of 14 November that the head of his cabinet should not be Mr Željko Savović, the son of Sava Savović, who in 1941 took part in the liquidation of my grandfather Petar and grandmother Ljubica at midnight on the doorstep. Now the head of his cabinet is Ivana Malović. Thank you, Mr Krivokapić, for your human correctness,” Mr Milatović wrote on Facebook yesterday.

Mr Savović denies such claims.

“I got a position that suits me much better considering my age. It was all an agreement with Mr Zdravko Krivokapić. I am the Prime Minister’s advisor for internal policy and member of two commissions. I have known Mr Krivokapić since 2008. We are brothers in Christ,” he said.

Mr Petar Milatović Ostroški contacted Professor Krivokapić.

“I live in Danilovgrad. Five of my uncles were killed in the partisans. I will not turn to that man. What he said is not true. It does not deserve mention. At least in Danilovgrad we know who is who. I don’t want to get involved. Wherever I come to Danilovgrad, some things are known. That story doesn’t bother me at all. People who have a problem with their own brothers have a problem with everyone. I’m not from that story. We need to turn to work and put the quarrels aside”, concluded Mr Savović.

Mr Savović said that he would freeze his position as political director of Real Montenegro due to his work in the Government of Montenegro, and denied propagandistic and completely incorrect claims made in the media that he got the position in the Prime Minister’s team after the intervention of the Real Montenegro.


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