Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga

NGO Montenegro International informed EU and NATO officials about the latest developments in Montenegro and the constitutional coup that has been taking place since the formation of the 42nd Government of Montenegro. The letter was sent to over 200 addresses in the European Parliament, the European Council, the European Commission and NATO, including Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and all embassies in Montenegro, while today it will be sent to all addresses of the administration in Washington.

New parliamentary majority in Montenegro formed after elections of 30 of August this year last night has passed new significantly altered law of religious freedoms which clearly gave supremacy of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the organization which is nothing more than extended arm of the state of Serbia and its secret service agency, as well as the most significant promoter of malignant Russian influence into favorable and privileged position promoting it de facto into position of official state religion even though Serbian Orthodox Church at most does not occupy more than 40% of entire population of Montenegro of its supporters and believers.

In fact 40% of Montenegrin population are supporters of Serbian Orthodox Church while at the other hand 60% of Montenegrin population are fierce opponents of this “church”. The law has been passed in absolute illegal manner because URA parliamentary group has replaced MP Filip Adzic with another MP Suada Zoronjic whose MP mandate authorized body or State Election Commission failed to verify. In fact a person who’s not MP had voted in parliament to pass a law, even though the parliamentary majority did not have quorum to organize parliamentary session by the rule.

It’s also worth to mention that ruling majority has 41 MPs out of 81, which is very thin majority and without this lawlessness the law wouldn’t have passed! This absolute illegal decision does not produce any legal consequences and stirs up already elevated political tensions and is bringing Montenegro on the brink of a civil war, because majority of population in Montenegro which is absolutely against Serbian Orthodox Church will not accept decision to impose them Serbian Orthodox Church, a foreign country entity as supreme religious institution and official religion in Montenegro.

In the same time Montenegrin Orthodox Church had been deprived from all negotiations of law. The law changes had not passed to any democratic procedure, with no public consultation and consultation with Venice Commission of the Council of Europe (which was the case of the previous La), and were brought into parliament virtually overnight, by Serbian Orthodox Church “experts” who are elected as official ministers, even though they are in the position of conflict of interest!

It’s worth to mention that situation in Western Balkans is deteriorating, and malignant Russian influence is every day more and more visible, through behavior official Serbia which became major hub of fake news, Russian propaganda, and intelligent Russian agents, and Serbia as such serves primarily as principal hub for destabilization of South East of Europe and broader Europe region on behalf of Russia. It’s primary tool in Montenegro for destabilization and for promotion of Serbian and Russian malignant influence is Serbian Orthodox Church and its political and media entities.

The same or similar behavior is spotted elsewhere in the Western Balkans region, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, where official Serbia via Republic of Srpska and it’s member of joint state presidency Milorad Dodik purposely abuse each presidency member’s veto power to block functioning of Bosnia and Herzegovina as functional state, to further use that “argument” as an argument that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a dysfunctional state and needs to fall apart, and Republic of Srpska to join Serbia.

Also Montenegro’s statehood suppose to be quietly erased and Montenegro to quietly join to future formed Greater Serbia! Destabilization of Kosovo is also visible, and Serbian authorities only are waiting for good opportunity to return Kosovo to Serbia by using military force. These developments will inevitable lead to new bloodshed in the Balkans and it’s time for the European Union, NATO and United States to step in and prevent it!

Today, again against the Constitution, President of the Parliament illegally organized Defense and Security Council meeting, without Montenegro President who is the only person by the Constitution to chair, convene and sign the decisions, and they illegally made decision to remove the Chief of the Army General Staff, in the same way as they brought a person with close Russian ties to manage national intelligence secret service.

Yesterday, more than 10,000 Montenegrins protested in front of the Parliament (picture above), who are angry both on the former authorities and these illegal majority, and they publicly stated no matter of anyone betrayal, they will fight back and not let new Srebrenica or 1918. happen to Montenegro without fighting back open occupation of Montenegro. Just to note an organized crime against humanity happened in Montenegro in period 1919-1929 organized by the official authorities of state of Serbia with the help of domestic traitors, when more than 5,000 households have been destroyed and people brutally killed, what has been reported by many international representatives, such us Lord Sydenham at the UK House of Lords.

Finally, it’s also worth to mention that together with adoption of the new law of religious freedoms, new majority refused to discuss proposed Declaration about genocide in Srebrenica and Law on the prohibition of fascist, neo-fascist and military nationalist organizations and the use of their symbols, which clearly present their intentions and principles.

The situation is heated to the maximum and without urgent intervention of the competent institutions and the international community, the citizens will take matters into their own hands, which inevitably leads to war in Montenegro and neighboring countries and a new war cycle in the Western Balkans region as in 1990ties.

Knjiga Ispovest Kako smo ubili Boga
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