NGO Montenegro International filed a criminal complaints with the Supreme and Special State Prosecutor’s Offices against Mr. Rade Milošević, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro, Mr. Nikola Šakotić, Head of Marketing, Ms. Sandra Bijelić, Sales Manager and other persons related to the company “AD MIND” due to reasonable suspicion of obstruction of the election process.

“Rade Milošević, who is the State Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior, an official of the Civic Movement URA and the head of the Operational Team of the Ministry of the Interior for monitoring elections in Nikšić, is the owner and manager of the company AD MIND from Nikšić, which is suspected of being behind yesterday’s misuse , harassment of citizens, spreading false news and illegal attempts to influence the election process “, as it is stated in the complaint.

According to the media, it is the company AD MIND or ADVERTISEMENT MIND. By searching the Central Register of Business Entities online, neither company name exists, which indicates possible additional abuse and fraud.

According to the data from the site, it is a marketing agency that offers the services of “Bulk SMS and Viber and mobile marketing”:

On the Linkedin profile of the State Secretary, he is listed as the CEO of AD MIND, while in the Google search AD MIND is listed as a company based in Nikšić, at address Serdara Šćepana bb with contact phone 067 444 015, while on the company’s website, it is headquartered at the address Trg Save Kovačevića 4, along with other contact numbers.

Information about persons connected with this affair and false data of the alleged public opinion poll, which are aimed at illegal influence on the election process and spreading panic among the citizens of Niksic, appeared on social networks and in the media.

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