Military capabilities of the Russian intelligence agency, GRU, enabled it to carry out targeted attacks abroad, and one of them is the attempted coup in Montenegro.


This is suggested in the report of the Congressional Research Service, CRS, which dealt with the Russian intelligence agency in an extensive report.

The GRU, as noted by Mr Andrew S. Bowen in an analysis submitted to the U.S. Congress, is involved in numerous attempts and successful assassinations or targeted attacks. Some of these attacks were discovered due to a careless or confused spy, and GRU was thus accused of being incapable.

Some observers, however, argue that the intent of some targeted attacks is to send a message, not to hide complicity.

“If this is the case, the analysis says, it is not a failure if the attack manages to convey the message of Russia’s ability and their will to carry out targeted attacks,” the report suggests.

As they say, the GRU is a large, expansive organization under the command of the Russian Ministry of Defense and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. The GRU, headed by Admiral Igor Kostyukov since 2018, plays an important role in Russia’s foreign and national security policy.

“The GRU is also conducting extensive cyber disinformation, propaganda and assassination operations,” it is said in the report.

These operations, like those in Montenegro, are often quite aggressive.

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