Vijesti media concern has announced it will release a movie about the Montenegrin president titled ‘Leader – the Rise and Fall’ directed by Ms Milka Tadić Mijović and Ms Milena Perović, on Friday, 18 December. Sources close to Dnevne Novine daily say that it’s about the new attempt to discredit Mr Milo Đukanović, and represents the continuation of the campaign this media concern has been carrying out for years.

The scope of negative campaign messages about President Đukanović is best reflected in the fact that Vijesti (newspapers, portal and TV) posted 3.400 articles negative in tone during 20 months of last and this year, from 1 January 2019 to 1 August 2020.

In addition, there were more negative images of Mr Đukanović than of 18 topmost state and party officials in Montenegro altogether.

From month to month, a predominantly negative image of the president was created in the public, causing citizens to feel and believe that Mr Đukanović is the main culprit for all the problems that Montenegro has faced and is facing, openly standing on the side of all those who oppose the president – from politicians to criminals accused of the most serious crimes.

Now they’re going a step further and want to present the public a project that, according to sources of Dnevne Novine, the owners of Vijesti had agreed on earlier with the heads of Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral, backed by the Civic Movement URA.

Journalistic circles say that the material for the movie was ensured thanks to the people that Vijesti and movie directors know from the public broadcaster, RTCG. They were thus able to get archived footages and statements of Mr Đukanovič in the beginning of his career in order to discredit him before the public, by skillful editing of that material.

Release of the movie was planned for November but postponed because the DPS Congress was delayed for next year.

“It was agreed to release the movie a month before the DPS Congress, before the municipal bodies of this party send their proposals of the candidate for the leader of the DPS. They would thus try to discredit Mr Đukanović, who will, as we can perceive these days, get the unanimous support of the municipal committees for the leader of the strongest party in the state,” well-informed sources of Dnevne Novine daily say.

Democratic Front to become a political past

Based on the agreement between Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral and Vijesti, the plan is to discredit the DF officials as well, and make them become a political past.

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