Montenegro International

United in the fight for rights, justice and liberty.

Who we are?

Montenegro International is an international think-tank conceived primarily for the goal of preserving and promoting individual liberties, civic society values, free-market, democracy, the rule of law, sustainable peace, harmony and prosperity, combating religious and ethnic extremism and nationalism.

What do we do?

We firmly support EU integration process of Montenegro, especially promoting strong and cooperative relationship with partners within NATO.


We are providing a platform for engaging partners, stakeholders and citizens in policy-making and in the debate about the future of Montenegro as stable and safe state, as well as the entire Western Balkans region.


Montenegro needs us  

As staunch supporters of principles of individual liberties, secular state, rule of law, multiethnic harmony, we feel obligation to combat any extremism that may put in jeopardy all those values we are standing for.

Justice needs us

The rise of populism, ethnonationalism and  cleric-fascism are phenomena contrary to democracy and as such destroy the cohesion of society and create a vacuum in which space is opened for the predominance of destructive forces.

Self-described patriots wave national flags and European flag during a post-election rally in Podgorica, on September 6, 2020. - Supporters of President Milo Djukanovic and his Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) have staged a rally in support of Montenegro's sovereignty, as local media report. (Photo by Savo PRELEVIC / AFP) (Photo by SAVO PRELEVIC/AFP via Getty Images)

Let’s work together

Against the erosion of civic freedoms, for tolerance and social justice.

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